Luxury estate to launch in May

A record-breaking 80% green space will be created in the estate, making the development green compliant.
By Staff Reporter Mar. 5, 2024

WestProp takes marketing road trip to the US

WestProp CEO Ken Sharpe will headline the marketing drive as the company prepares to extend the road trips to other diaspora markets.
By Business Reporter Feb. 12, 2024

WestProp banks on penthouses

WestProp’s next development to comprise of penthouses will be The Hills Golf Lifestyle Estate and the Pomona City Estate Phase three and four — A city within a city.
By Business Reporter Feb. 9, 2024

WestProp sets aside US$1m for wetland resuscitation

Wetlands also ensure food security and provide livelihoods for citizens, and are considered to be of cultural value.
By Tafadzwa Mhlanga Jan. 19, 2024

Businessman raises dust over ‘doctored’ court record

Pokugara is owned by businessman Ken Sharpe, which destroyed the show house without a court order after claiming that it was built using an unapproved plan.
By Staff Reporter Dec. 16, 2023

Businessman renews push to recover missing court records

Last month, Katsimberis accused court officials of doctoring the transcripts to prejudice his application. 
By Staff Reporter Dec. 8, 2023

WestProp, Sharpe win awards

WestProp has this year won local, regional and international awards based on its huge impact in the housing sector and astute marketing of its products and brand Zimbabwe.
By Business Reporter Dec. 2, 2023

WestProp to target low-income earners

Sharpe said the company has a land bank of one billion bricks project worth about US$5 billion.
By Melody Chikono Nov. 24, 2023

WestProp in final stages to construct regional mall

He said operating expenses for the period under review amounted to US$2 374 208 compared to US41 249 458 for the same period last year, representing a US$1 124 750 increase.
By Tatira Zwinoira Oct. 2, 2023