NRZ fights Nigerian tycoon

However, the NRZ letter written without prejudice was only delivered to Ohizu’s lawyers on February 1, 2024.
By Trevor Mutsvairo Jun. 21, 2024

Chinese company dragged into Zinwa, ex-employee dispute

Zinwa spokesperson Marjorie Munyonga said there was no private water in the country.
By Problem Masau Jun. 19, 2024

Mutapa Fund facilitates US$431m Afreximbank loan for NRZ

Zimbabwe’s strategic rail network, which connects to regional networks along the north-south corridor, is facing significant challenges due to its outdated infrastructure.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Jun. 17, 2024

No joy for church as court strikes off appeal against NRZ

NRZ submitted that the applicants’ lease was not renewed due to rental arrears and the former tenants were given a three-month notice to vacate the premises in August last year.
By Silas Nkala Jun. 10, 2024

NRZ, Harare pastor battle over US$2m property takes another twist

In November 2020, NRZ sent Ohizu another letter claiming that he owed the parastatal.
By Staff Reporter Jun. 3, 2024

Chinese comb through NRZ before US$530 million deal

Full details of the transaction were not available this week, but officials close to the negotiations said they were “intensive”.
By Freeman Makopa May. 24, 2024

Candid Comment: NRZ must not send us on another wild goose chase

If NRZ bosses disagree they must explain why this important national asset has had a string of promising transactions that flop, but the pilgrimage has continued.
By Shame Makoshori May. 24, 2024

Sigh of relief for NRZ

The tenants reportedly owed the NRZ more than US$200 000 in rental arrears.
By Staff Reporter May. 21, 2024

NRZ seeks to evict pastor from Harare land after US$2m investment

The company claimed the NRZ is using dirty tricks to push it out so that it can rent out the land to someone else.
By Staff Reporter May. 13, 2024