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Mother introduced Zoey to sangoma

The controversy surrounding allegations that pole dancer Norleen “Zoey” Sibanda is in the habit of regularly visiting a prominent traditional healer, Sekuru Linde, in the high density suburb of Budiriro 5, to seek counsel and for “power enhancement” ceremonies, has taken a new twist.

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An insider confirmed to The Standard Style that Zoey’s frequent visits to the sangoma are well-known and that she was in fact introduced to the traditional healer by her mother on the first occasion.

Zoey’s car parked outside Sekuru Linde’s house

Zoey’s car parked outside Sekuru Linde’s house

The reason for the consultation was allegedly to pursue counsel for Zoey’s younger sister whose life was purportedly miserable and helpless.

“Zoey’s mother is the one who used to visit Sekuru Linde in search of help for Zoey’s young sister whose life was purportedly not moving on so well. And that is how Zoey was introduced. Since then, she has been frequenting the place many times,” said the source.

Sekuru Linde is understood to have been a sangoma for more than seven years now, yet is strict about people he assists.

The insider also established that since the first occasion, Zoey has several times been spotted sneaking into the traditional healer’s premises, ostensibly to seek “power enhancement” ceremonies, among other things.

“She has been frequenting the traditional healer’s place and often comes with her Toyota Noah that she usually parks adjacent to the sangoma’s house. It is perhaps because she fears embarrassment. Last week she even came twice on Tuesday and Friday,” said the source.

Furthermore, the source confirmed that Zoey even partook in a ritual ceremony held at a dam in Chitungwiza that the traditional healer always offers as a source of cleansing.

“She attended the cleansing ceremony, but this is not part of a culture meant to harm other people in any way, but it is a healing discipline rooted in spirituality,” added the source.

When contacted for comment, Zoey at first professed ignorance about the issue, threatening to take legal action if ever her mother was mentioned in the story.

“I am warning you to leave my mother out of this, who told you this? I don’t consult and have never in my life consulted a sangoma before. Who is this Sekuru Linde you are talking about? I don’t participate in rituals, I believe in God and you can even ask people from my Apostolic Faith Mission sect,” she said.

After having initially denied having a sister whom her mother is said to have sought consultation for, Zoey kept on waffling, alleging that she doesn’t move around with her sisters since they were all married.

“I don’t move around with my sisters because they are all married and they live with their husbands,” she said.

A couple of minutes later, Zoey phoned back this reporter, querying why there were no images of her visiting the traditional healer as proof, in contrast to Tryson Chimbetu’s case, when the Marxist Brothers frontman was allegedly spotted at the same place.

“Why are there no pictures, just like what transpired with Tryson? Produce the images as proof,” she fumed before hanging up.

Minutes later, Zoey phoned back this reporter and admitted she was shocked and even offered a bribe to kill the story.

“It is just that I am shocked. Who told you this? I am worried. I can even buy you a drink if you reveal your source to me,” she said.

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