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Sandra Ndebele hints at comeback

Known by her legion of fans for her energetic stage appearances mostly clad in skimpy outfits made from beads — traditional attire of the Ndebele community — performing sexually seductive dance routines that have stirred controversy, Sandy, as Sandra Ndebele is affectionately known, has been on a sabbatical, leaving fans thirsty for her act.

Sindiso Dube

Ndebele is considered one of the finest artists to have ever emerged in the country. She is a musician, dancer and actress — all wrapped in one!


She has headlined many shows around the country, including government-sponsored national music galas, and she has been an ambassador for a number of corporates.

Ndebele launched her seventh studio album Izenzo in March last year at a colourful ceremony with the support of Jeys Marabini and Jah Prayzah.

Married to Nkanyiso Tiny Sibindi — a Zimbabwean lawyer based in the United Kingdom — the jaunty Ndebele took a maternity break from music to focus on the upbringing of her third child, Zinhle Meaghan.

In an interview with The Standard Style last week, Ndebele revealed that she needed the break. However, she vowed to make a comeback, saying she was only absent from the public eye while she “cooks” something in the background.

“I have not been active for a few months now focusing more on family and the new baby, but it hasn’t hindered my plans and my fire. I am working on a DVD album for my recent album Izenzo and the DVD should be out by April,” Ndebele said.

Ndebele described her family as a happy one and the birth of the new baby as a blessing to everyone.

“We are one united happy family. Everyone is happy about the coming of the new baby. My older kids are excited about their new sibling, they have a new sister to look out for, it’s all smiles in the house,” she said.

She urged young people to be vigilant and work hard in everything they do.

“Hard work pays. I am a busy woman, that’s why it took you time to finally get hold of me. I am a mother, a sister, a musician and an ambassador for Traffic Safety for Zimbabwe and I am an entrepreneur — I run Sandy’s Hub, a boutique that specialises in top-of-the-range handbags,” she said.

Commenting on the state of the music industry, she said the sector had changed.

“The industry and its ways have changed. Arts is growing and we now have new talent getting involved. However, we still have less involvement of the girl child, I wish to see more females taking active roles in the arts and taking the bull by its horns, like what the boys are doing,” she said.

“I admire how the new artists are doing their stuff. They are hungry for success and they are not stopping at anything, the new crop of artists are go-getters. It’s unlike during our time; we used to be scared to take up musical lead roles. New artists should keep the fire burning.”

Quizzed on how the dancing fraternity has evolved or revolutionalised looking at modern dancers such as Beverly Sibanda and Zoey Sifelani, just to mention a few, her response was:

“I have been to many countries and seen dancers but I cannot classify the local dancers — whether they are pole dancers or strip teasers,” she said.

Ndebele said her favourite local artists were rapper Cal_Vin and Busie Ncube.

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