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Embrace Easter: Bishop Takaedza

Bishop Ancelem Takaedza has called on people to celebrate Easter as the day humanity triumphed over the devil as they claimed their place in heaven which was fulfilled by the death of Jesus Christ.


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In an interview with The Standard Style ahead of his church’s annual Easter conference set for Chitungwiza from March 24 to 27, Takaedza said there was need to educate people on why Easter was just not a holiday.

“Easter is not just a day or a holiday, but it is a day on which people or humanity should celebrate their victory against Satan which was given unto them by Jesus Christ,” he said.

“It is a day that we should celebrate the work that was accomplished by Christ.”

Takaedza, who is the leader of the New Revelation Glasshouse Ministries, said the death of Christ on the cross was to redeem mankind from Satan after he had taken control of humanity

“Christ died to redeem us from the power of the devil, to cleanse us from our sins by his blood and when Jesus went to the hades, he went to destroy the power of the devil and he triumphed,” said Takaedza.

“When we celebrate Easter, we are celebrating our triumph over the devil. It was a victory for humanity over the devil and sin, hence his resurrection gave us a new identity.”

The revered man of God explained that as people celebrate Easter, they should be able to understand why Christ came, died, arose and ascended to heaven.

“If we understand that then we will know what Easter means to humanity and we need to reflect on why Jesus died, came, arose and ascended and its significance in the life we are living today,” Takaedza added.

He said people who were creating the controversy surrounding the dates of Easter did not understand the reason behind Easter.

“It’s not about the day or dates, but it’s about the life of Christ and the life he came to give us and I wonder why people look for such things,” he said.

“The day was set aside for us to celebrate without worrying about other issues. The essence of it is that we should celebrate his life, which is also our life.”

The New Revelation Glasshouse Ministries will celebrate Easter in line with their annual theme, Faith to Liveby and Walk in the Supernatural.

“We must have faith in Christ and the work which he accomplished on our behalf. As we congregate, we are also celebrating finished work,” said Takaedza.

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