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Kirsty talks about diet, pets, romance

The sprightly 27-year-old world-swimming champion has held the world spellbound with her performances in the pool, but her love life has for several years been out of the public domain. The shy swimmer, who hardly tweets about her private life unlike other celebrities, said she was slowly getting into “tweeting” and had stayed away from Facebook because she was being bombarded by “lots of friends”.

In an exclusive interview with Standardsport, Coventry opened up about her flame, bred in Chinhoyi. The pair would also openly hold hands and gaze at each other.

The lovebirds revealed how they met through friends and discovered their love for water, as Swerd is a keen water polo player. The pair’s relationship has grown to more than soulmates, as Swerd is now the swimmer’s manager and trainer. Swerd is also a commodity broker.

“We met through friends and we discovered that we have the same interests and we are in love,” Coventry said.

Are wedding bells ringing soon? Coventry and Swerd both agreed that they were focusing on the 2012 London Olympics Games.

“I am focusing on the London 2012 Games. I want to go there, enjoy myself and make my country proud. Maybe we can talk about the wedding bells after the games but we care for each other,” Coventry said.

The couple appears to be head over heels in love with each other and they share an apartment in Johannesburg, South Africa with Coventry’s two pets, a golden retriever called Lola and a boston terrier named Xena, which she described as “lovely naughty dogs”.

The swimming sensation has a demanding schedule in trying to keep in shape and being competitive in the pool. Her typical day begins with an early morning dip in the pool.

“I wake up at around quarter past five each morning and I head to the swimming pool. I swim for two hours before going for breakfast,” Coventry said.

She is strict about what she eats.

“I normally have boiled eggs, a toast or mousel and yoghurt for breakfast. There are definitely no cocoa pops for me.

“I also drink lots of tea. I am particular about what I eat. I do not have a dietician or anything like that. I am now used to this diet because when I was in the United States we had team dieticians who would tell us what to eat instead of junk food.

“It’s easy these days because you can pick a box of cereals in a supermarket and see the nutrients value on the pack,” Coventry said.

For lunch, Coventry said she has a sandwich and salad before going back to the pool for three hours. She also does workouts in the gym for one and half hours.

“The main meal of the day is dinner and I eat roasted chicken and pasta or rice and some vegetables,” Coventry said.

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