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Tennis star preoccupied with family and nature

Just like any other person, tennis great Wayne Black, who retired from active tennis with earnings believed to be over US$3 million is no exception.
Since retiring after a successful career, Black has reverted to his first love — nature.


Having grown up in a family that worshipped the environment, with his father Don growing avocado trees at their backyard, Wayne was destined to love nature.

“Besides helping youngsters develop in the sport, I have started a nursery for indigenous trees at my mother’s home in Highlands,” he said.

“Zimbabwe is a magnificent country and travelling around it pains me to see that most indigenous trees have been destroyed.”

Wayne, together with his brother Byron, became the darlings of the nation with their exploits in the Davis Cup competition towards the end of the 1990s.

The magnanimity displayed by Wayne — a winner of two men’s Grand Slam titles, the US Open in 2001 and the Australian Open in 2005 — upon a visit at his modest Chisipite home is something one would marvel.

Clad in a grey T-shirt and khaki shorts, Wayne cuts a figure of someone who does not worry about where the money to pay the next bill is going to come from.

“Right now there are two things that occupy my mind and that is my family that includes my wife and two kids and my nursery for indigenous trees,” he said.

Black’s children are Joey (5) and Brook (2),

“Joey and Brook now need more of my time with their tennis. My nursery also needs my attention. Right now I do not have time to be involved full time with Tennis Zimbabwe (TZ) in any capacity.

“I would at one time love to be involved at TZ, but not now as I would want to devote all my attention to my sons until they come of age,” Wayne said.

Does that mean no help for local tennis from one of the country’s favourite sons?

“Definitely, not at the moment as my hands are already full. I can only be involved with TZ on consultation basis and not full time. Like I said before, my kids need my attention. I help whenever I get the time as I stay only a stone’s throw away from Harare Sports Club.”

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