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Learning golf, Part six— golf etiquette

When I started this subject of learning golf there were some basic fundamentals I emphasised on, the first being how to hold a golf club properly.
I am now going to touch on some other fundamentals which should never be overlooked too, as golf may be frustrating without knowing and adhering to them. Every sport has got to be played according to the rules of that sport. The etiquette rules outline how you are to behave.

I therefore advise everybody to take some interest in knowing them. Failure to abide by them may lead to your being disqualified. Ignorance is not an acceptable defence, so be warned. I repeat, take some time to go through them.

The first section of the Rules of Golf deals with etiquette and this in a way shows the importance attached to it. It is fundamental for the enjoyment of the game. I am going to touch on the following aspects among others: courtesy on the course, and care on the course. Safety on the course: Before you swing your golf club, make sure that there are no people standing at positions where they are likely to be hit by your club or your ball like the three people shown on fig 11. If you are following a group that is ahead ensure that they are out of reach before you play your shot.
However, if you happen to see your ball going in the direction where there are people, you must warn them by shouting the word FORE! ! (which is a danger warning).

If you happen to play from the bunker as will often be the case, make sure that you smooth up all your footprints using a rake if it is available, before you leave . On the putting green, make sure that you repair all ball marks (pitch marks), damage by spikes, and any other damages (fig 13). While playing on the fairway, from time to time divots are made. Make sure that they are properly repaired. It is very annoying to find your ball in a divot as it is not easy to hit good shots from such lies. That is why you should always carry a sand bag. You should fill it with sand before you start teeing because you will need it to fill those divots.

Do not delay the field. You are expected to keep pace with the group ahead of you. Also do not spend too much time looking for a ball.

The rules only allow you to search for a ball for a maximum of five minutes after which the ball is deemed lost. Do not throw clubs in anger. Also when someone is about to play, you should stand still and not talk until after he has played his shot. Keep your temper under control however bad you may be playing. If you carry your cellphone on the course, I would advise that you switch it on silent to avoid ringing when another player is making a stroke. You will come to know more etiquette as you play with others.

For those who are in rural areas where there are no proper golf courses, some aspects of what I have covered may not be applicable to your situations.
However, it is important that you know them as you will come across them when you finally play at a well-prepared and maintained golf course.
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