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Moses Chunga’s dad kicked out of house

Everything being normal, the old man who sired eight children, among them famous Dynamos players — Moses, Kembo and Dickson — should be celebrating his big day surrounded by his grandchildren in the comfort of his home at 7 Kafudzamombe Road in Mufakose.

However, this is not the case as the old man, who is now blind, is house-hopping alleging that one of his sons chased him from his home.

The old man, who bears a striking resemblance to his famous sons, said that he is now “too old to fight” and get his house back and will leave everything in God’s hands.

Sekuru Chunga, as they affectionately call him in the suburb or Bambo by his wife Juliana, now rents two rooms with his wife and youngest son Gardner in Mutsamviringa Street in the same suburb (Mufakose).

The two rooms that the Chungas rent are part of an incomplete house.

The two rooms with unplastered outside walls and a rough floor serve as Chunga’s bedroom and a “dining room” and a sleep pad for his son at night. There is a set of sofas and television cabinet, which the family acquired recently after being evicted from their home and leaving all their furniture. The Chungas share this incomplete house with other tenants.

This is in sharp contrast to Chunga’s former home in Kufadzamombe Road, which was once a five-roomed but has been improved to add other rooms and a verandah.  The property is fenced and gated.

The old man was in bed when we called in and his wife led him by hand to his dining room garbed in pyjamas to meet us. He still looks fit for a man who turns 77 on Wednesday but you could see dejection etched on his face. He struggles with coming to terms with blindness after several years of toiling in the tobacco auction floors to fend for his family.

To him, the benefits of playing football now rest on his young 15-year-old son Gardner whom he believes is going to be better than Moses.

“Maybe this is God’s destiny for me, but it pains me because I should be living at my house. I am the one who ‘extended’ (improved) that house with my pension after retiring in 1997. It has been two years now since I was kicked out together with my wife Juliana.

“Today I am the one who moves from one house to the next as a lodger when I own my house. Dickson, my son, and his wife chased me from my home.

“At this age, that is very painful as sometimes we are told to look for another place by the landlords.

“With God’s grace, we will get another stand as my son Shemi (29) who is based in South Africa promised to buy a stand for me.”
Chunga said he wishes his children could at least visit him at his place of lodgings.

“I am now old and blind. I just wish my children could visit me. I do not remember the last time I saw Moses, but Kembo sometimes visits on rare occasions. Nguva ndeyaMwari,” he said.

Chunga vividly remembers raising his now famous sons while working in the Lytton industrial area at a tobacco company. He said the former Warriors captain, Moses, liked kicking “chikweshe” (plastic ball) in the streets from an early age.
“Moses was a stubborn young man and he quit school at the age of 14 after having a dispute with his teachers. That is when he joined Dynamos and I am happy with what he achieved,” he said.

Chunga is however convinced that his “rugotwe” (last born) will eclipse his other famous sons on the field.

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