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Was Jesus vegetarian? Asks author

The question will leave a reader asking if, when God said “Thou shall not kill”, He actually meant “Thou shall not kill human beings” and when Jesus fed fish to the masses, did He also eat the fish?

Did he actually feed the masses with fish or are all the fish stories in the bible meant to be symbolic since the Greek word for fish, Ichthys, was used as an acronym whose initials stood for “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour”?

The book further asks such questions as “Was Jesus a Yogi?” and questions whether Jesus ever set foot in India.
Heather, co-owner of the advertising forum classifieds.co.zw and web development company Webdev, wrote the book with her husband Garth Drummond’s assistance.

She occasionally cites discussions she had with her husband regarding some of the topics she raises in the book she wrote as a gift to their young son River.
The book seeks to help readers with tips on living a healthier life, deal with the loss of loved ones, learn more about Yoga and meditation from a Christian point of view.

“I am also preaching a message of harmony between different religions and I am also sharing knowledge about Yoga, an eastern way of exercising, after realising that many Christians are scared of it,” Heather said.

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