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Bambo Chunga faces eviction

On one of the sofas sat her husband, 77-year-old Sekuru Andros Kawizi Chunga, who fathered the famous Chunga brothers: Moses, Kembo and Dickson.
Clad in white pyjamas, the old man, who is now blind, sat silently and was clearly in pain.

In a pensive mood with one hand on his graying head, Sekuru Chunga (known to the family as Bambo) portrayed an image of a deeply disturbed man after he was served with a three-month notice to look for alternative accommodation by the landlord.

Standardsport first highlighted the Chunga family feud in July this year when Bambo alleged that he had been chased from his own house at Number Seven Kafudzamombe Street in Mufakose by one of his sons, Dickson.

It seems there is no end in sight to the two-year-old family feud over the house, which the old man built after toiling at a tobacco company for 47 years. He retired in 1996, the same year his last son Gardner was born.

Asked about his health, Chunga said he was feeling better, but his wife, Juliana, interjected saying overall their predicament had not changed since they had not returned to their home in Kafudzamombe street.

“I just arrived now from South Africa and am happy that his health condition is now improving. We were going with him to have his eyes checked at the eye clinic where they charge us US$5 and he has been getting better.

“We could not send him to a better clinic because of lack of funds. However, I heard that Moses (Chunga) came here while I was in South Africa and took him to Parirenyatwa where he was diagnosed with high blood pressure.

“I am happy that he (Moses) took him to hospital because people have to help each other. I cannot do it alone.”

“I think his condition was worsened by the thought that we were given a notice to look for alternative accommodation by the owners of this place. So he says  he wishes he could get better and fight for his original home in Kafudzamombe.”

To this, Sekuru Chunga just shook his head as if in deep thought but his wife added that he kept talking about going back to his home in Kafudzamombe.

“They can only stay there while I am alive,” he said weakly.

His wife added: “He keeps saying he cannot continue to live like this when he has his own home. However, he cannot stay there as we are not wanted. We will find another home as we were given a notice here that expires at the end of December.”

Asked for a comment, Dickson said there was nothing he could say about his father’s predicament.

“Why can’t you let the story rest,” he said.

“I did not know that he was given a notice to leave the house he is staying in Mutsamviringa Street. If that is the case, then we have to give one of our lodgers notice to leave to accommodate my father.

“I think you know that we have seven rooms there,” he said.

“However, I cannot give you the reasons why he is not staying at his home and please do not ask me. We should not end up being enemies,” he said.

Such is the tale of 77-year-old Sekuru Chunga who built his house and raised his sons into famous people, but has to hop from one house to another after he was allegedly chased from his home by one of his sons.

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