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Knowledge Musona a hit in Burundi

A group of more than 10 white fans were leading the entourage of fans that stood at the entrance point and demanded to see the Warriors’ talisman.
Clad in a white muscle top t-shirt and a blue faded jean, complemented by white big earphones on his neck, Musona appeared to be more popular than Burundian players who ply their trades abroad.

The police that had escorted four cars, used by the Warriors and other Zimbabwean staff, had to come in to quell the situation.

As the match official Abdelrahan Khlid from Sudan blew the final whistle, the same group of white fans ran like bullets to hug Musona who scored the Warriors equaliser in the 58th minute and begged the “Smiling Assassin” for a photo session.

As if this was not enough, a group of other Burundians mobbed Musona with most of them demanding photo sessions while others wanted his signature.

Musona, who played on the losing Zimbabwean side, was a darling of the crowd more than their own Belgium-based captain Valery Nahayo who had scored the winner in the 89th minute of regulation time.

It was evident that their own captain had no time with the locals who did not give him as much respect as they did the Zimbabwean striker.

Speaking to Standarsport, some of the people who mobbed Musona said they knew him from the time  he was playing for Kaizer Chiefs in the Absa Premiership alongside their captain Nahayo. The crowd admitted that they watched more South African television channels than their own local channels.

They continue following Musona in action at his German Bundesliga side TSG Hoffenheim.
“I knew Musona during his days at Kaizer Chiefs. He used to play with our captain but Musona is good and reserved. He hardly misses chances and he gave our boys a torrid time each time he was in possession of the ball. I can safely say he was the best player in the field,” said Augustine Ibrahim from Bujumbura.


Musona speaks on Asiagate


Warriors German–based striker finally opened up and spoke about the Asiagate scandal that saw more than 90 players being suspended by Zifa from playing for the national team.

“We played very well considering that we did not have enough time to train. We look forward to turning the tables in June when the team comes to Harare. It will be off-season for some of us so we hope to take the preparations seriously,” he said.

“I hope by then the investigations into the Asiagate scandal will be over. We therefore ask Zifa and other powers to act fast so that players who will have been cleared can also join in this fighting cause of qualifying for the 2013 Nations Cup,” said Musona.

Musona admitted that some of the players could have participated in this scandal unknowingly.

“I think they have to be spared and cleared before it’s too late for our qualification.”

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