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Of super fans, attention seekers

PEOPLE go to the stadia to watch two teams in action, but some fans in the terraces often steal the show, as they try to outsmart each other in spurring their respective teams.


Fans are generally regarded as the 12th player, enthusiastically rallying behind their football heroes with song and dance.

Their creativity in composing passionate and in most cases vulgar songs, cries of anguish after a loss, suggestive dances and faces painted in their respective teams’ colours is something to marvel at.

Some men don women’s bikinis, bright coloured weaves and false breasts while others wear large hats and artificial long moustache to look distinctive. The most daring would dice with death by sitting on top of advertising billboards placed at the top of the stands leaving people speculating on their sanity.

However, one could be surprised to note that those leading in vulgar songs or perched dangerously on an advertising bill-board occupy respectable positions in society.

They tend to go crazy once at Rufaro’s Vietnam stand which is synonymous with fans known for producing brilliant songs and dance routines.

You hear them chanting songs such as, DeMbare iteam yangu, zora butter usekerere, Chembere dziri pamorari, Sarungano, Mhanya usaine, Zvishoma nezvishoma tinoitora chete title and DeMbare inemamonya.
These songs are blended with suggestive dance routines that would make Colombian singer Shakira or our very own Sandra Ndebele green with envy.

This season Dynamos made Alick Macheso’s zora butter dance their signature tune and some of them took it literally bringing margarine and loaves of bread to the stadium.

They would spread the butter on loaves of bread, but this time some of them have taken it a step further and now spread butter on their heads and faces.

The ageing “Chuchu,” in his blue big goggles, blue suit, a matching hat and a big bell, runs around the VIP area doing his own commentary of the game.

“To Devon Chafa who passes the ball to Tawanda Muparati. Muparati finds Denver Mukamba. It is Dynamos all over….,” he rants before punching the air with clenched fists.

That is before he performs his trademark hands-across-neck in a cutthroat motion to opposition team supporters.

Even when his leg was in a plaster, Chuchu was a permanent feature in the VIP section as he also tried the zora butter dance on his crutches.In a recent Mbada Diamonds Cup match, a Dynamos fan chose an outfit that had the colours of a leopard, with inscription in capitals: “DEMBARE DEMBADA.”

CAPS United fans, mostly female, provide entertainment value at stadia. In a dress that is  long enough to cover only the essentials or a green skin tight, a fan would climb the rails and perform a popular sele dance.Highlanders fans, known for blaming anyone for their team’s poor fortunes, have this solemn song which goes: Into oyenzayo  siyayizonda … which they chant whenever a decision goes against them.

Such is the creativity exhibited by soccer fans at our stadia, but the million dollar question remains: Is this display of loyalty based on dedication or attention seeking?

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