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All set for Mutimukulu football tournament

A football fiesta is on the cards as the Ruwa Boozers League is set to host the Mutimukulu Football Tournament during the Easter holiday.

Eight matches would be play-ed on March 29 at Chiremba Grounds with winners automatically qualifying for the quarter finals.

Meanwhile, action continues in the Ruwa Boozers League with eight matches lined up for this morning at Chiremba Ground.

Week Three Fixtures
15:30 Flamingo vs Flyboat
14:30 Spring Rovers vs 701United
13:30 Mutimukulu vs Media
12:30 Kedebe vs Mavambo
11:30 Ruwa stars vs Ruwa Pirates
10:30 Escapedes vs Villa
9:30 Ruwa Gunners vs Pentagon
8:30 RBC vs Prime Chiremba ground

Mutimukulu Fixtures
Media vs Ruwa stars 9:00am
701 United vs Pentagon 10:00am
Flamingo vs Ruwa Gunners 11:00am
Prime vs Escapedes 12:00pm
Ruwa Pirates vs Mavambo 13:00pm
Villa vs Flyboat 14:00pm
Mutimukulu vs Kedebe 15:00pm
RBC vs Spring Rovers 16:00pm

Week 2 Results
Flamingo 0 RBC 0
Flyboat 1 Spring rovers 1
701 United 1 Mutimukulu 0
Media 3 Mavambo 0
Kedebe 0 Ruwa stars 1
Ruwa pirates 0 Escapedes 0
Villa 2 Ruwa Gunners 1
Pentagon 1 Prime 2

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