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Zimbabwe incorporates UK-based boxing referee

ZIMBABWE Amateur Boxing Association (Zaba) has recruited United Kingdom-based referee and judge Moses Makula to be one of the country’s certified match officials.


Makula is making waves in the UK taking charge of big British matches, but the former Zaba technical director is not yet able to take charge of international boxing matches as he needs to be certified by the International Boxing Association (Aiba).

Aiba only deals with national associations in accrediting match officials and Makula could not be accredited as a Briton.

Last year he wrote to Zaba asking them to help him get international recognition and they have agreed to send him to a regional course slated for May in Botswana.

Zaba secretary general Goodwill Sibanda confirmed efforts made by his association.

“The board has sanctioned that Makula attain a star one referees and judges course to be held in Botswana,” said Sibanda. “He will join a few local referees and judges who will be chosen to attend the course. After that course, we will then send their names to Aiba for accreditation as international referees and judges.”

Contacted for comment from his base in the United Kingdom Makula expressed his gratitude for the help from Zaba.

“It is quite an honour when your country recognises you,” he said.

“I will be redoing a course that I already have. I have already attained the highest qualification though it is now an old badge which needs to be renewed. But above all, it’s a convenience for me to do the course because I will be internationally certified again.”

Zaba has so far shortlisted seven referees and judges including Makula to attend the course. The other members are Dennis Mudhara, Ezwell Ndlovu, Willard Mupfurirwa, former Zaka House of Assembly member Festus Dumba, the association’s technical director Petros Masiyambumbi and his brother Steven.

Meanwhile, Zaba have also invited the Aiba certified regional instructor Mike Maroka to come to Zimbabwe to teach local referees the electronic scoring systems so that they remain in touch with the changing patterns of the game.

“We have arranged with Maroka to come here before the course in Botswana starts to instruct our members on the use of the electronic scoring system.

“All members of the executive are supposed to attend this course which will be held in Bulawayo,” said Sibanda.

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