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Parents bear brunt of rise in unemployment in Zimbabwe

The tentacles of a failed society and a voracious economic meltdown are surely squeezing the life out of a fragile country that has never learnt to walk on its own.

Sunday View with Irvine Mugwagwa

Mass unemployment has been on the rise ever since this country gained independence more than three decades ago.

The unemployment rate in this country is mostly rated by the number of youths who are armed with O’ and A’ Level certificates and others with college and university degrees which are now just pieces of paper that do not ensure their admittance in the league employed.

The group of young parents mostly in the 30’s and mid 40’s age group, are suffering as they are finding it hard to support their families and many of them have school-going children who are being sent home for non payments of fees.

They are hanging in there, somehow trying to keep body and soul together.

The yoke of unemployment is too heavy for them and they are struggling to make ends meet. With the current harsh economic conditions pounding at most people indiscriminately, the unemployed parents are extremely feeling the bitter day-to-day grind.

Unemployment is creating resentment among the unemployed adults. Many of them have lost hope of ever achieving anything in their lives.

They are now seeing a bleak future for their children because they are failing to offer them the basic needs of life like education and health care.

Many parents are struggling and trying by any means, whether legal or illegal, to bring food to their families. The harsh times have robbed many of identity and self-worth — the essence of their being.

One parent said he even went to the extent of being a conman and a burglar just to keep his family alive. The closing down of many companies is leaving many people in very desperate situations. Others have turned to gambling with the hope that luck will smile on them and change their fortunes.

The trauma faced by the unemployed is so depressing that even the strong hearted are driven into indulging in anti-social activities to make ends meet. With all efforts of ever being gainfully employed drawing blanks, anti social activities become the last resort.

We are now a society that is increasingly divided and the social and economic gaps are becoming larger.

In urban areas, unemployment is often compounded by the disintegration of communities and families. The lack of social cohesion and support in turn leads to social instability.

Zimbabwe is a nation in serious crisis. With our economy making a nosedive due to political bungling, more and more parents are going to lose control of their families.

Although there doesn’t appear to be any future to talk about, people must have hope and a sense of purpose to live.
All that most parents need is a life with a measure of dignity.

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