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Mugabe surrounded by bootlickers

Zimbabwe economy has once again collapsed due to a combination of factors among them, economic mismanagement and bad governance.

By Moses Mugugunyeki

It looks as if the centre is failing to hold for President Robert Mugabe’s government. Zanu PF seems to be more occupied with the succession battles rather than paying attention to the economy.

During the past couple of months, thousands of jobs have been lost after a number of companies closed. Some companies have attributed their demise to the collapse of the economy while others have been pushed out by some unfriendly policies like the Indigenisation and Empowerment policy.

The policy gives Zimbabweans the right to take over and control foreign owned companies. It compels these companies to sell 51% stakes to locals.

However, it looks as if bootlicking has taken centre stage within Zanu PF and government. Today, bootlicking is misconstrued as patriotism. While patriotism is all about one’s devotion to his or her country, in Zanu PF, patriotism is the love for “your” President.

Everyone in the ruling party is singing for their own supper. It is now politics of the stomach. President Mugabe has become a god of some sort and no one in Zanu PF dares to challenge his authority.

We have in the past heard some ministers referring to the President as “Cremora” the “Biblical Moses” or “Angel Gabriel” and most recent “Digital Warrior” while some have even signed their mails to him as “Obedient Son”.

The very same ministers who lead the bootlicking crusade are the ones whose ministries were found wanting in the previous Cabinet.

Webster Shamu who is renowned for his “Cremora” and “Digital Warrior” mantra was at the helm of the Ministry of Media, Information and Publicity when the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) was crumbling.

Zimbabwe’s mining sector also suffered while Obert Mpofu, the “Obedient Son” was the minister of Mines and Mining Development. The country failed to account for all the diamonds mined at Chiadzwa.

Most ministers and government officials have also developed a knack for bootlicking. This was evidenced by the rush in endorsing President Mugabe’s wife — Grace — as the new Zanu PF Women’s League Secretary and recent congratulatory messages after she “graduated” with a doctorate degree from the University of Zimbabwe.

Last week, President Mugabe led an estimated 100-member delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Among the bloated delegation were well-known “bootlickers” who were only in New York to pursue their personal agendas.

Zimbabwe is bleeding and the ordinary person is finding it difficult to make ends meet, but the government has the temerity of sending such a delegation for the UN General Assembly.

A myriad of people surrounding Mugabe have turned out to be praise singers and the majority are after nothing but to protect their own interests. Some of these people are known to be corrupt and have failed to serve the country in various capacities but they hide behind Mugabe’s name.

Zimbabwe no longer needs such calibre of politicians. It needs men and women who can work towards building the country.

There is no more room for praise singers; we need politicians who can debate policies of social agenda such as health, economy and education among others.

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