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Best, worst dressed PSL coaches

When football coaches are in the dugout, they are in the office working. Most coaches respect their technical areas such that they dress just like everyone else at their workplace.


Talk of Bayern Munich gaffer Pep Guardiola who always dresses elegantly like a model at a male pageant, translating to the club’s success.

Even an old guard like Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti usually makes sure he is immaculately garbed during matches and it always augurs well with his side’s neat displays on the pitch.

Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood often prefers tracksuits and windbreakers, commonly known as bomber jackets, and appears magnificent in that type of gear.

We take a look at our local Castle Lager Premier Soccer League coaches and how they look during their 90 minutes in office. From the presentable to the shabby ones:

David Mandigora

The Dynamos coach is the worst dresser in the Premier Soccer League. But only so because Masimba Dinyero is no longer among the 16. It is difficult to imagine that he is coach at the most successful club in Zimbabwe, based in the capital city for that matter. Wearing a Dynamos jersey tucked inside a pair of multi-pocket or chinos trousers while putting on trainers is one of the biggest fashion crimes. With his belly always protruding, it does not show someone occupying one of the biggest football jobs in the country.

Shadreck Mugurasave

The Dongo Sawmill gaffer gives Mandigora a good run for his money. Dongo only recently won promotion into the top-flight and they do not come from one of the big cities. But that’s no reason to dress like a rural miller. He needs to get rid of that old football shirt and dress like someone in a position of authority. One would not be surprised by his team’s performance.

Saul Chaminuka

Sadly, we might not see him on the ZPC Kariba bench anymore. At last year’s end of season awards, Chaminuka was named the term’s best coach and while on the podium, his oversize cream suit was more prominent than the trophy he was presented with as his hands were buried in that big jacket. This season he again tried jacket and tie against Flame Lily and again, his small stature betrayed him as he sunk into a grey jacket.

Luke Masomere
He is known for some of the best quotes. His dressing is not as impressive though. Not that he is any shabby, he wears clean clothes which are just not for that occasion. He does not resemble a football coach. Those jeans and t-shirt, NO. His sunglasses make an already bad situation worse on that touchline. This is not boozers’ football.

Norman Mapeza

He shows us that one does not necessarily need a jacket and tie to be smart and fit for an occasion. His green track bottoms and t-shirt come out well and he separates himself well from the players. He also looks quite like someone who knows what he is doing, you easily take him seriously. He should however ditch the idea of wearing the team’s playing top at times.

Nesbert Saruchera
He is another smart gaffer but his problem is failure to identify the right rig for the occasion.
Mark Harrison and Taurai Mangwiro .

All coaches need to learn from these two, the best dressers. Harrison is stylish both in formal wear or well-fitting tracksuits. One can only understand that Mangwiro is a former school teacher when the Harare City mentor strides up and down the touchline in a jacket and tie. Mangwiro also looks spotless in African attire.

John Nyikadzino

The Chapungu man tries to be like Harrison and Mangwiro but that grey suit appears to be the only one in his wardrobe. The matching waist coat is also a permanent feature on his body. We give it to him that he knows how to dress, he just needs one or two more of the suits. Unless he’s got a number of those in the same colour and style.

Bongani Mafu and Kevin Kaindu

They are not that bad but Kaindu was always offside by inscribing religious messages on his shirts. Thanks to Fifa for banning religious messages on regalia, Kaindu now looks very normal. He is always smart and impressive, just as his football.

Nation Dube, Lizwe Sweswe, Joseph Takaringofa and Lloyd Mutasa

Always clad in track bottoms and t-shirts, they are not the best dressers. Nation appears to love-tight fitting t-shirts and always looks like a club bouncer or those terrifying Dynamos security guys than a football coach. Mutasa too doesn’t strike you as the man in charge, it’s easy to mistake him for a kit man.

Throwback: Masimba Dinyero

He is no longer at the helm of Harare City, but we remember him more for his dressing more than his tactics. He is a typical example of how not to dress for all coaches and aspiring ones. Even teachers coaching school teams dress better. An oversize t-shirt and that stop watch around the neck? Is he a sports master at an inter-house competition?

Another throwback

John Phiri sunk with Shabanie Mine. Lingering memories about him are more about his failure with the dress code. He loved his oversized maroon bomber jacket. Whatever the story with that jacket, he never wanted to leave it, never mind the temperature. In that dress code complemented by unkempt hair, he did not look like a coach in the top flight. A tout maybe.

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