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Accounting and finance with Pitman

Famed as “the greatest man who ever lived”, Jesus Christ, in one of his parables, spoke of a man counting the cost before setting out to build a house.

The logic behind this was that in whatever venture man sets out to do, it is pertinent that he has knowledge of what goes into it financially and otherwise — counting the cost as it were.

This fundamental truth directly applies to all business ventures, creating the need for bookkeepers and accountants in all manner and size of business the world over.

And yes! You guessed it right, your trusted partner in continuing personal development, Pitman, has the requisite courses, awards, and diplomas to turn you into a top-notch accountant or bookkeeper.

Being in this essential and lucrative field can earn one up to $55 000 annually on a global scale.

As this article discusses what Pitman offers in terms of finance and accounting training, please bear in mind that this list is not exhaustive due to space constraints.

Do get in touch with us and discuss your options with our course advisers.

Our professional accounting technician diploma is a comprehensive diploma suitable for beginners in the accounting field.

In line with Pitman’s understanding that no professional works in a vacuum, modules like Introduction to Business Structure and Law, and Professional Ethics are included in this diploma.

This ensures that the accountants produced by Pitman are not only able to balance books, but are also knowledgeable when it comes to the ethical and fiduciary elements of their highly sensitive jobs.

For those already in the accounting field, we offer the Accounting Technician Diploma.

This diploma offers top-level professional finance training for any bookkeeping and finance professional.

It can be completed within six weeks of full-time study.

Full-time study is when one can devote 20-30 hours a week to their studies.

If your goal is retraining or career change, Pitman offers the Accounting and Business Diploma.

As its name implies, this diploma is double-pronged and therefore offers one different choices in their career path.

This highly valuable diploma can be attained within 10 weeks of full-time study.

For our bookkeeping diploma, one would need to study full-time for six weeks. With this diploma, one can work as an accounting assistant in a large firm or run the accounts department of a small firm.

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