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Surprise gift for prophet Freddy

UNHERALDED musician Tapiwa Samanyanga surprised all and sundry within the Goodness and Mercy Ministries (GMM) family when he released a song heaping praises on the church’s founder Prophet Tapiwa Freddy.

By Staff Reporter

In a song that went viral on social media last week, Samanyanga praises Prophet Freddy, famed for his “spiritual spectacles miracles”. The musician, who is backed by the group Trumpet Tribe, likened the preacher to the Lion of Judah as explained in the Bible’s Revelation 5:5.

Titled Shumba Yama Judah, the 389-seconds-long song describes prophet Freddy as someone endowed with the spiritual gift of prophecy.

“I have been a great admirer of the man of God, prophet Freddy. He has the spiritual power that is why I likened him to the Lion of Judah in the Bible,” Samanyanga told The Standard Style.

“To me, a prophet is God’s spokesperson on earth and prophet Freddy qualifies to be one.”

Samanyanga, a contemporary jazz musician with one album under his sleeve, said the song Shumba Yama Judah was his first attempt at gospel music.

“I don’t do much of gospel music. I do secular music, but I did Shumba Yama Judah as a way of thanking this great prophet for the work he is doing,” he said.

Prophet Freddy said he was happy to learn that there were people who were not members of GMM who were following his evangelism.

“He is a very talented musician. I had never met him before and neither is he a member of our church. I am happy that there are people out there who are following our services, be it on radio or television,” he said.

Samanyanga said he got a warm reception when he performed at the GMM Sunday service last week and was contemplating doing a number of songs dedicated to the church and its founder.

“The prophet is doing a great job and I hope to work with the church and the prophet in future,” he said.

Prophet Freddy himself is a musician with three albums — Mesiya (2002), Serevende (2006) and 100 Percent Prophetic (2016). He said his busy schedule of doing God’s work was keeping him away from his other passion, music.

GMM will host a Easter Sunday special service which will be characterised by healing, deliverance and miracle services.

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