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CZECH Republic-based Warriors star Costa Nhamoinesu has provided a rare inside peek into his introvert lifestyle while also opening up on his passions away from the football field, which includes watching epic fantasy television series such as Game of Thrones.


The 32-year-old defender, who is in his fifth season at Czech football giants Sparta Prague, provided the rare insight in an in-depth interview with the European club’s official website, where he also revealed his desire to stay at the club beyond his current three-year deal, which runs until the end of next season.

Despite his popularity within local football, Nhamoinesu’s lifestyle at one of central Europe’s most successful clubs has remained away from the public domain.

Nhamoinesu, who has lived in Prague for almost five years, revealed his preference to spending time at home with the exception of a few occasions when he goes out with friends.

Rather than the party lifestyle and penchant for late-night revelling associated with modern professional footballers, Nhamoinesu instead says he prefers the quiet familiar surrounds of his home where he enjoys writing, drawing and watching television.

“I’m not so much of an outgoing person. I like being at home,” Nhamoinesu responded when asked about his favourite places in Prague.

“I have quite a number of things to do at home. I like writing. Sometimes I write. I like drawing. Sometimes I draw. Recently I started to watch TV quite a lot. I was watching Game of Thrones. I was watching it little by little to try not to finish it, but, of course, I finished it. I was looking for a similar show and I found Vikings, so now I’m watching, so most of the time I spend at home.”

“Sometimes I go out with my friends. We like The Farm Letna (popular restaurant in Prague), so we hang around there sometimes. Sometimes we go to Buddha Bar (a bar, restaurant and hotel franchise) because my friends like sushi a lot. But mostly I’m at home. Also the weather isn’t so good, so I don’t like the cold season,” he said.
Nhamoinesu, who earlier spent six years in Poland before joining Sparta Prague in 2013, said it took him about six months to learn to speak Czech fluently, something which he credited to his teammates.

“I understand almost 100% it took me about six months. I speak so generally I can hold a conversation so I think basically it’s enough.

“When I came, there weren’t many foreigners. I think there were two foreigners. So basically the whole team was mainly Czech players. Of course, they spoke English, but I said okay, I have to learn. It was in the dressing room. I was in Poland before, so it helped me a lot. I had a teacher there, but honestly I didn’t attend the lessons. Maybe I attended one or two times. But my teachers were in the dressing room, so basically I learned from the guys,” he said.

The former Amazulu and Masvingo United defender also revealed his desire to extend his stay at Sparta Prague when his current three-year deal with the club expires at the end of next season.

“Right now I still have a contract, so I plan to stay here until the end of my contract. But I like it here. I hope that I will stay here for even longer. You never know with football, but I hope that I will stay more. I have no reason that I would want to leave, so I hope I will stay more. For now I will stay, and then we will see what happens. Time will tell,” he said.

Nhamoinesu, who has featured in his club’s last four Czech First League matches since making a return from a lengthy injury, said he was glad to be back and playing regularly again.

“As a player it’s obviously good to be playing all the time. The most important thing is to be healthy and then after comes the other things. I’ve been out for quite a long time with a serious muscle injury,” he said.

“The rehabilitation and the exercises and everything was good and it felt really good to be back and playing again because that’s what I do. I’m a footballer and I like to play. It was a difficult time, but you have to be patient. It was all about patience and the work. Now I’m happy to be playing for the team.

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