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Chamisa, ED must find each other for the people

The reported moves by the international community to bring Zimbabwe’s political protagonists to the table should be lauded by all peace-loving and poverty-weary Zimbabweans.


Zanu PF may want to grandstand and make credulous claims about a so-called new dispensation and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ability to turn Zimbabwe’s economic fortunes around, but facts on the ground show that this cannot and will not happen in the foreseeable future.

The fact that nine months after taking to the helm of the country Mnangagwa has totally failed to provide one proof of this capacity is more than enough evidence he and his party alone are unable to lift Zimbabwe out of its misery.

The countless “mega deals”, some of which are as old as the nine months that Mnangagwa and his crew have been in power, have yielded virtually nothing so far. The only few projects that we have seen leaders of the new dispensation go out to commission with pomp and fanfare, like the Kariba power project, were initiated long before the November military takeover – in the Robert Mugabe era.

As it is, the situation on the ground is increasingly becoming frightful. Prices of goods and services are rising every day while basic commodities are fast getting scarce.

There are already serious shortages of medicines in the country’s hospitals while other commodities such as cement are now being found only on the black market where prices have shot through the roof.

What is becoming evident is that the economy is crumbling at breakneck speed with unsettling reports of government secretly switching on the money-printing machine in a vain attempt to stem the cash crisis. Meanwhile, foreign currency shortages continue to bite, putting the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in a very unenviable position as the country’s major source of livelihood.

The opposition may be happy to see Zanu PF’s economic failures exposed, so they can tell Zimbabweans and the world that they alone can save Zimbabwe, but in the end it is the people of Zimbabwe whose lives are being ruined. Zimbabweans that were born 40 years ago have never experienced a normal life where basic necessities are available or how it feels to be formally employed and be in control of their own destinies.

The new dispensation under president Mnangagwa needs to seriously focus on the country’s economy and do all that is necessary, including economic and political reforms and look at issues of political inclusion to stop the obtaining economic rot.

Going about doling out money which they do not have through needless expensive gifts to political patrons will not put the government in good light with those that may want to invest in this country or bring financial help.

One good example of a question that Mnangagwa and his fellow government leaders and advisors have failed to answer is: what is it in aid of to spend millions of dollars on expensive brand new vehicles for chiefs while hospitals do not have ambulances?

The government needs to set its priorities right and behave like mature leaders who have the people’s welfare at heart. Mnangagwa must come down from his high horse and seek the assistance of Nelson Chamisa, who has proved to be a politician who has good ideas and a very huge following in the country.

Chamisa, too, must heed the calls of the long-suffering people of Zimbabwe who are crying for food on the table, good health, houses to live in, jobs and an end to decades of misery.

2 Responses to Chamisa, ED must find each other for the people

  1. Farai Johnson Nhire September 2, 2018 at 7:33 am #

    Chamisa has no suitable role to play and will not have any in the future of Ed’s government. The editor does well to note that the projects which were finished and started operating recently were initiated a long time back but surprisingly, he does not want projects initiated by Ed to take a long time to mature as it were. I wonder wether Ed promised anyone that he would perform miracles in the projects he initiated. Also, zimbabweans who were born 40 years ago have had oportunity to live a normal life. It is only those who were born 18 years ago who have experienced that kind of predicament owing to problems brought about by the so called opposition and its western handlers. Ed has accomplished a lot of things since November last year including engagement and reengagement with other nations. The only drawback that his administration faced was the uncertainity brought about by Chamisa who threatened to cancell all deals agreed to by Ed if he becomes president but that phase is now behind us with Ed’s victory.

  2. ADF September 3, 2018 at 7:16 am #

    There is danger in trying to force Chamisa and ED to find each other after the elections when they never found each other before the elections. Who is behind this initiative and what are the motives. Why not face the TRUTH and deal with it? The history of this country and Africa is littered with wars dispossession, deceptive treaties and concessions.The dispossessed never recovered what they lost. ” Life must go on…” said the so called international community, then came “wars of liberation”, deceptive treaties featured as before, repression, violent land reform then rigging of elections and violence on citizenry; a coup then legitimacy issues; more deception by the international community. You can not build a nation on wars of dispossession, deception and exploitation of the people and expect that there will be no challenges.

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