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Tanya Muzinda’s siblings choose BMX

Multi-award winning young female motocross racer Tanya Muzinda has been travelling abroad a lot in recent years to participate in international competitions in her bid to become a world champion.


Tanya and her siblings Alicia and Jayden

Her undoubted talent in the male-dominated sport has not gone unnoticed, especially by her siblings Alicia (9) and Jayden (6).

The two have already embarked on their own riding careers only that they have opted for far less speed, opting for the world of BMX racing.

It is a welcome relief for the parents Tawanda and Adiyon Muzinda, who have borne the brunt of an expensive sport — motocross — through Tanya.

“You realise motocross is an expensive sport, so having three kids doing motocross is a big headache. But these two have always liked bicycles more and the BMX track is five minutes away from home, so it was easy to get them to the track. And also considering their schooling commitments BMX is much more flexible,” Tawanda Muzinda told The Sports Hub.

Alicia and Jayden have been holding their own in Harare BMX Club competitions as well as nationals and this weekend they were set to compete in the national finals.

Muzinda is optimistic that the two can achieve a lot in the sport to match the exploits of the older sister Tanya.

“Jayden is currently leading in his class and has won all his races including the club races, Interprovincial BMX Championships and the Nationals.  This weekend is the finals for BMX when the national champions for all classes will be crowned.

“Alicia is doing very well as she is the only female in her class and she has fared very well keeping up with boys, some of whom who have been to World Championships before.

“She is currently running third in her class, that is club, interprovincial and nationals. At this rate and God willing, they will get more international and regional races, the sky is the limit,” he said.

Alicia and Jaden are permanent features wherever Tanya is racing and were always likely to try and emulate her. Muzinda is of the view that Tanya is the inspiration behind her two siblings’ interest in BMX.

“Tanya is definitely their inspiration, they have watched her ride, attended her training sessions and witnessed all her achievements. They are attached to all her success so far. My vision for them as a father is to simply complement what they love to do. If they have the hunger to take it further, we will do all we can to help them realise their dreams,” he said.

Muzinda also took time to talk about Tanya, who has won international recognition and fame because of her achievements in motocross.

Tanya is currently competing at the 2018 Thor Winter Olympics Supercross and Motocross Championships, one of the premier amateur motocross racing events in Florida, United States.

 “I believe in her dream so I do not see anything stopping her from achieving what she loves most. Her dream is to become the best woman motocross racer in the world and I believe she will get there despite the challenges,” he said.

Internationally she is managed by Stefy Bau, a three-time World Women’s Motocross champion from Italy.

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