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Black Russian giving Lacoste a headache

letter to my people BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People

Things can’t get worse for the clueless Lacoste gangster and his followers.

I have always said even the gods of this country are opposed to how he and his fellow armed gangsters removed Robert Mugabe, a man who had been legitimately anointed by the spirits of the land.

Gushungo still holds the traditional axes and knobkerries bequeathed to him by the ancestors of Zimbabwe and without them, Lacoste will have problems ruling the land.

The Lacoste gangsters have lurched from one disaster to another.

From shooting citizens in August last year just after the elections to murdering more citizens during the January stayaway.

From a never before seen devastating cyclone to a debilitating (debhiritating) drought, which is being felt before we get to the halfway mark of the year.

Two of the crises, the January massacre and Cyclone Idai, forced some of the gangsters to cut short their ill-advised shopping jaunts to Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

Some of the disasters are no laughing matter as they have seen the Lacoste government officials escaping from assassination attempts to battles with life threatening and complicated medical conditions.

The latest headache — the death of a real national hero, Dumiso Dabengwa has virtually shocked the Lacoste faction into silence.

As was the case when another real national hero, Oliver Mtukudzi died, the gangsters don’t know what to do.

Unverified stories that they were paying his medical bills have begun to surface with ED and Victor Matemadanda leading in making the allegations of having been his guardian angels.

What we find odd is that DD died in transit while waiting to catch a connecting flight to return home.

Maybe those who claim they loved him so much could have arranged for a private plane to ferry him home.

Kembo Mohadi says Dabengwa died while they were making arrangements to hire a private plane to go and collect him.

Really Kembo? Collect Dabengwa from the transit lounge in Nairobi?

Shame on you.

Delays in confirming him as a national hero did not help matters although he is reported to have left clear instructions that he did not want to be buried among “thieves”.

That is the problem with real national heroes.

They can do just about anything and still remain heroes in the eyes of the people, which is what Dumiso did.

He showed Zanu PF several middle fingers by dumping the ruling party and reviving Zapu then endorsed Nelso Chamisa, but the people see nothing wrong with that and still revere him.

Sensing the mood in the air, senior Lacoste gangsters have been trooping to the funeral wake to make all sorts of wild claims of how good Dumiso was and how he is a hero of heroes bla bla bla.

Nonsense! They have sensed that the people have declared him the peoples hero and any contrary position will attract the wrath of the people.

There is also the vexing issue of at which point the former State Security minister, Lacoste himself will personally pay his condolences.

It will not be lost on many that Dumiso was jailed from 1983 to 1987 as a political prisoner of the regime and we all know who was behind his incarceration and the butchering of more than 20 000 people in Midlands and Matabeleland.

It will be interesting to see how mourners respond to his presence.

It should not be lost on many that he will be buried in his village, in Ntabazinduna, a place that falls under Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni.

The same outspoken chief who attended the MDC congress and has generally been regarded by the regime as “unpatriotic”.

Again the chief is very popular and can do no wrong in the eyes of Zimbabweans, which is also a problem for the gangsters.

The same chief may actually be very prominent at the funeral of Dabengwa, another very big headache for Lacoste and company.

Watch this space.

One question Mnangagwa may want to deal with is why for some reason, 50% of national heroes this year have refused to be buried by him.

And these are solid characters such as Phineas Makhurane, Oliver Mtukudzi and now Dumiso Dabengwa.

Real heroes not some violent party activists who owe their lofty positions to thuggery, extortion and violence.

Mugabe legacy finally restored

When the Lacoste gangsters toppled Mugabe from power, they said it was an operation to restore his legacy by targeting criminals around him.

Thanks to their brutal and incompetent misrule, they have successfully restored Mugabe’s legacy.

Mugabe, who was hated with passion for his near four decades rule is now fondly remembered for his insistence on pro-people policies such as maintaining low commodity prices.

If he was younger he would have won the next election by a mile.

Dead BC has standards?

People out there are probably very shocked by a running advert in which our one and only Dead BC is looking for a deputy news editor.

Among other things, the person should be able to ensure content in line with Dead BC standards.

Many are still to come to terms with the revelation that the propaganda unit actually has standards.

It would be good though to know what those standards are. Maybe ensuring Auxillia is on every news bulletin.

There is belief that Dead BC standards are domiciled in the mortuary of a leading funeral parlour.

Hope the new person will revive them.

The problem with Hwange and Zisco

What exactly is the problem with Hwange power station and Zisco? There is always something that needs fixing at the power station.

At one time there was a partnership with Namibia.

And now something needs fixing and requires lots of money.

The same is happening at Zisco. It has been officially re-opened every year bu t never gets to function. Kutonga Kwaro!

Gushungo Chete Chete!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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