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Time is ripe for a Third Way

letter to my peopleBY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People,

Maybe it is time to revert to the old national anthem, Ishe komborer’ Africa/Nkosi sikelel’ Africa/God Bless Africa.

There is a school of thought that appearing to glorify mere mortals such as war veterans instead of God Almighty has helped contribute to the suffering that Zimbabweans are experiencing and will continue to experience for more years going into the future.

Some have dismissed that school of thought.

Those who believe in that are adamant, of course, and say the suffering will continue.

Unless, of course, something miraculous happens.

Even the coming into office of the excitable MDC youthful brigade will not bring any anticipated changes as some of the extremely sober members of the alliance have observed.

They are waiting to loot and feast with wide and red eyes.

Anybody who wants to look at how the MDC leadership will steer this country, should they get into office, must just analyse how they are failing to run the local authorities.

It may help to also analyse how mayors were chosen, especially for Harare and how the “interviews” were conducted.

So no hope there, maybe a Third Way.

Why a Third Way?

The two major political parties, Zanu PF and MDC, have dominated politics in Zimbabwe for two decades and battles between the two have torn Zimbabwe apart — quite literally.

Sometimes physically to a point where family members have fought over petty issues such as political differences resulting in near-fatal or fatal injuries.

Our country is bleeding and people are suffering because of the arrogance of Zanu PF and the MDC in whom Zimbabweans put their trust by voting for them to lead this country to prosperity.

And what do Zimbabweans get?

Two groups of power-hungry and corrupt institutions who are only worried about power retention and primitive wealth accumulation.

If they have the interests of the suffering majority, why have they not found each other and come up with solutions to the crises that Zimbabweans find
themselves in?

In any case, Zimbabweans are suffering because of the crises created by the turf wars involving the two major political parties.

Unfortunately, Zimbabwe will continue to lurch from one crisis to another because sycophants in both camps such as some members of the women’s league who were
irresponsibly talking about how they were ready to go to war because of Chamisa’s reckless statements or something to that effect.
The golden girls still believe they can fight a war!

Even their role in the war of liberation has been questioned by others who suggest they were doing other things, and not fighting enemy forces during the war.

All unsubstantiated, of course.

On the other hand, Nero continues to be a coquettish prima donna demanding a solution to legitimacy issues when all that Zimbabweans want is a decent life
regardless of who is occupying State House.

He is also surrounded by some of the not-so-bright activists praising all his wrong political moves and are some of the hardest hit by economic implosion.

Calling your followers “stupid” or telling people that you rule them “kutonga” are not very nice things to say.

Both Chamisa and ED, who occasionally exhibit traits of arrogance, need to listen to the demands made by ordinary Zimbabweans.

Put Zimbabwe first and subordinate petty, personal, private and partisan interests.

They should realise that the January mass stayaways were not led by the ZCTU or the MDC as wrongly claimed by some not- so-intelligent analysts.

The stayaway was spontaneous and leaderless for most of the time except at local levels.

And when people have no leaders they usually elect their own on the ground, suffering with them.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is very fertile ground for a Third Way when both options are regarded as different sides of the same coin.

When either of the two political formations do not offer any hope, people will create or look for an option.

Hitting the ground running

We are told the new boss at the anti-corruption commission hit the ground running after being sworn into office.

We did not notice. That is a sign of how hard she hit the ground running!
We suspect she did not hit any ground nor was she running.

Otherwise she would have attended to the issue of the child of a Cabinet minister whose runner was arrested for illegally trading in US dollars.

And Jealousy Mawarire has long spoken about a certain president in Southern African and his former advisor whose families are running the foreign currency
illegal market.

And guess which Southern African president sent his son to spring the foreign currency dealer from police cells?

Our one and only!

Not a good start for the anti-corruption smoke and mirrors show.

Gushungo Chete Chete!

Dr Amai PhD (Fake)

Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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