Is the church playing its role in Zim politics?

The church should refrain from taking official positions on politics and instead encourage members to make their own political judgments, which must be in harmony with natural law.

THE prophetic predictions for the 2023 Zimbabwe elections from several prophets have prompted significant curiosity and debate across the country.

As Zimbabwe just completed its vital election, the prophet's statements piqued folks' interest because they did not match the outcome. Some prophets have a reputation for being charismatic and powerful; they have developed a sizeable following through time, and many people believe their forecasts to be true and divinely inspired. Participation in political forecasts can strengthen or undermine their position as important individuals in Zimbabwe's social and religious structure. Everything we need to know about the function of governance in any community may be found in the Bible: “Always pass judgment fairly” (Leviticus 19:15). Government exists to seek, serve, and promote the common good of the people, not the rulers (Romans 13:4). It must encourage rather than stymie progress toward community peace and wealth.

I will not go into great length on the forecasts for the 2023 elections, but I will discuss the role of the church in a nation's efforts to develop a good government.

The purpose of the church is to set the stage for the ultimate establishment of God's Kingdom on earth. Its two main goals are to first help men acquire Christlike qualities in their lives and secondly to change society in order to make the world a better and more peaceful place to live. It would be a mistake to think of prophets in the Bible as just predicting the future; their major job was to make known God's word, which frequently included bringing people back to obedience to God.

The church's role is to make Christ known and loved, to spread the knowledge of Salvation throughout the country, and to pray and suffer for the salvation of souls. Christ charged His church with spreading the gospel of salvation to the ends of the earth.

The church should refrain from taking official positions on politics and instead encourage members to make their own political judgments, which must be in harmony with natural law. The church introduces God's perspective into culture and serves as heaven's ambassador on earth.  It is made up of Jesus' adherents who acknowledge him as Christ and are united by a shared belief in his death and resurrection. Preaching and teaching the truth of God's word is the second priority of the church. This is done in order to equip God's people with knowledge and give them a biblical perspective on the world.

First of all, I implore you to make requests, prayers, intercessions, and expressions of gratitude for everyone, including monarchs and those in positions of authority, so that we may lead peaceful and quiet lives in complete godliness and holiness, according to 1st Timothy 2:1.  This is beneficial and pleases our God and saviour, who desires that all people come to know the truth. He wants us to recognise that the government has no ability to transform the world, only to keep evil at bay. Only the church, by the power of the Holy Spirit, has the ability to make a difference.

The president is not chosen by God. God has endowed us with free choice and permits us to choose our rulers. The majority of people in churches, in my opinion, do not pray about how they should vote.

As long as the authority we choose does not conflict with the directives God has given us, he expects us to submit to that authority. But even if we follow God's law, if we break man's law, we will still experience earthly repercussions. That is a result of having elected people who are not godly, who are willing to make laws that contravene God's laws, and who are willing to forsake his principles in favour of our own self-serving principles. Acts 2:40–47 influenced the course of history. In the early church, there was great injustice and immorality because of a corrupt culture and corrupt government.

However, they united, loved one another, and followed Jesus. They made sacrifices and provided for the most basic necessities of the neighbourhood. The contemporary church ought to follow suit. As individuals, we should support runaway youth, work to end sex trafficking, and assist those who suffer from terminal and chronic illnesses. We ought to take care of the hungry and coexist peacefully. When they act like Christians for they are the most powerful and charismatic people on earth. Let the church therefore be the church. Instead of submitting to agendas that are focused on inconsequential issues, let us radically live out and represent the vast agenda of Christ and him crucified.

The capacity to foretell the future and perform miracles does not closely relate to the importance of prophets in Zimbabwe.

A prophecy exists to edify, unite, and encourage love, not to cause conflict. So, as a prophet/pastor, you must be full of love and a competitor with the world order, but you must also be an example of how the divinity God in heaven manifests itself on earth.


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