Sunday word: The sacred significance of names: A biblical exploration

Throughout scripture, we encounter instances where names are changed, signaling profound shifts in identity and destiny.
By Prosper Tingini Apr. 28, 2024

HealthTalk: Cholera still in our midst, remain vigilant

The water-borne disease is still a menace and it is not surprising that many people are collapsing and dying in their homes from this treatable disease with no records.
By Johannes Marisa Mar. 31, 2024

Building narratives: The four agreements–a good read for the dreamers

The book essentially talks about how dreaming is the main function of the mind and how at birth humans were domesticated to dream or think in a certain way
By Fungayi Antony Sox Mar. 31, 2024

Biblical stories of Jesus’ birth reveal intriguing clues about his times

For many of the world’s Christians, the celebration of Jesus’ birth occurs every December.
By Antonio PiÑero Mar. 10, 2024

Grace Tidings: What do you see?

Most Christians have never seen their real self. If I asked someone what they looked like, they would describe to me their outward man, but they probably wouldn’t know who they are in Christ.
By Doug Mamvura Mar. 10, 2024

Secondment: The genius of the Masai indigenous Evangelical Free Church !

No pagan, no matter how sinful, would be allowed to raise children in the way American Christians raise their children.
By Kenneth Mufuka Dec. 17, 2023

Farewell Father Oscar Wermter

We were good friends. Usually Catholic priests are bent on converting protestants to Catholicism because they believe that protestants are not real Christians.
By Pius Wakatama Oct. 29, 2023

The Law accuses and incriminates

The Law and the prophets (whose prophecy was on the basis of the Law) stand aloof while we’re being freed by Grace.
By Erasmus Makarimayi Sep. 23, 2023

Sunday word: Out of the eater

Welcome again to this platform where we encourage and exhort each other with the word of God.
By Prosper Tingini Sep. 17, 2023