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Coltart blasts Zifa

MINISTER of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture David Coltart has condemned the Zifa’s decision to disband the Warriors team.

Stung by the failure to qualify for next year’s Africa Cup of Nations, Zifa last week dissolved the entire Warriors team, but shockingly spared the technical department headed by coach Rahman Gumbo.

Coltart said Zifa risked making costly blunders which could live to haunt Zimbabwean football in the future.

“It is not right for my ministry to meddle into football matters, but it is also wrong for Zifa to disband the national team for poor performance just like that,” Coltart said.

“The danger is that such a decision could be ill-advised and we might end up having a situation similar to that time when Knowledge Musona quit the Warriors. Zifa just need to make sure that they are doing the right thing which would not have negative implications in the future.”

The national team’s dissolution comes in the wake of life bans and 10-year suspensions imposed on players and officials for alleged involvement in match-fixing, a move interpreted by some football quarters as drastic.

Coltart also dwelt on the Asiagate scandal which he said should be dictated by the principles of “natural justice”.

“In as much as it is reasonable to punish those involved in the match-fixing scandal, life bans on players are not correct. Zifa needs to come up with strong evidence proving beyond any reasonable doubt that the players indeed threw away matches.”

If they believe what they have done is part of a process to start on a new clean slate, then just let natural justice prevail,” Coltart said.

The country’s supreme sports governing body, Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC), have decided to take a back seat on the developments. SRC director-general Charles Nhemachena said they would not intervene, but advised Zifa’s actions to be guided by sound strategic plans.

“We do not want to drag ourselves into operational issues of national associations. We trust that Zifa believe in what they are doing, so we just hope it would be for the best in football,” Nhemachena said.

“What we would advise Zifa, just like any other national sports association, is to draw a long-term strategic plan which would guide them in everything they do. All decisions should be based on such plans.”

Former Warriors striker Joseph Ngwenya added his chorus of discontentment to Zifa’s decision to disband the national team.
Posting on his Facebook wall, Ngwenya rapped the football mother body, describing the move as inspired by “hypocrisy and amateurish-schoolboy-playground behaviour”.

“How many times have you, Zifa come up short and let players down? How will you replace the Warriors with youths that you actually failed to send to Angola for a youth qualifier? I have so many questions to ask and so little space, but I do have to ask Zifa,” Ngwenya wrote.

The ex- Los Angeles Galaxy forward said Zimbabwe should take a cue from Zambia and have football headed by former players.
Former Zifa chairman Leo Mugabe said the association had created a minefield for players.

“This is a classic case of a hen eating its eggs. The environment being created for players is not conducive. The attitude should change.”

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13 Responses to Coltart blasts Zifa

  1. Mazambane November 4, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

    Keep playing your harp David while the rest of us deal with the real world and fight to end dictatorship

  2. Noah Ndlovu November 4, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    Coltart has a point.Such decisions will haunt future soccer administrators when the current crop is gone.The current leadership at ZIFA lacks vision and is full of extremists,bent on pleasing FIFA at any cost!What a pity!

  3. ttt November 4, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    i think ZIFA should be under the guidance of the ministry of education sports and culture.Dube and his team must go

    • Lord Gaga November 5, 2012 at 2:18 pm #

      I cant imagine the national football team under Ministry of Education say in Zimsec office. The team would either fail to get their jerseys in time or name tags mixed up with the women’s national football team.

  4. oscar November 4, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

    Zimbabwe has only produced one world class player that is Bruce its a fact that can be proved 14 yrs at Anfield is no joke and in a great if not the best l’pool side ever. Peter and Moses are second rate internationals they would not play in a Ghana or Nigeria side of their time but Bruce would in any African side. Moses or Jay Jay Okocha……. Peter or Abedi Pele Peter Nkono, jose Anotone Bell or Bruce? Bruce is the only African Keeper to win Champions League Cup

  5. TRICKY November 4, 2012 at 6:26 pm #

    Chaps Zimbabwe is not a football nation outside our boarders the media has to let the nation know that we are simply not good enough, was Mr Dube at the NSS in 2010 when we played Cape Verde and we looked like headless chickens, and when we played Angola at Rufaro even though we won by luck, Angola played us off the park we could not string four passes together, all Esrom did was to lump the ball out and the Angolians just restarted methodically. The biggest problem is we glorify mediocre players too much players like Khama, Musona, Gutu would not get anywhere near the Ghana,Nigeria,Eygpt,Morocco dressing room. Its now a year and half Musona has struggled to find the net German,but he is a hero in zimbabwe, our players dont play for top sides, their level of committiment is very low. Mzansi90 was a load of rubbish, they sat in first class while the players sat in economy on the way to Angola, it just shows how these Jonnie come late to football can ruin the game.Mzansi90 team was more popular than the players come on Mbada come into football for the right reasons. Honestly that whole committee could not think we needed a psychologist for that game, no football legend was on that list surely, Moses Chunga,Ephriam Chawanda,Carlos Max,Paul Gundani,George Mbwando,Bruce Grobbellar would contribute a lot more than Tich Mataz,Hugo Rubatika and some bitchies they had on the committee what the hell are DJs doing around the national team ahead of a crucial tie. Well with the experience of Brucie we could of done with, hired him to work with Arieal Sibanda for a week, football is played in the pitch not in committees or papers.Spend the money in the right manner, Mzansi90 had qualified for Afcon before we played in Angola. How can you ask for a technical report 3 weeks after defeat ZIFA board a report has to be done for every game be it a friendly or competitive same applies to training they are called session planners if your coaches did not give you a report on arrival from Angola sack them all now Mr Dube. We do not qualify for major tournaments because our knowledge management is very bad i bet you we do not have a single paper that has recommendations from previous coaches ie Ian Potterfield, Fabisch,westerhoff, Koufie, if we had we would of sorted out our problems edges ago ( the above coaches are no mugs). The other problem is our coaching manuals are too old we are very behind other african countries by far we learn football very late we have to start at the age of 4-5 years, we also have to stop fast tracking coaches ie Mapeza and Peter Ndlovu (too much short cuts) the answer are on the wall for us to see a defeat in Cape Verde and Angola. Do you think the Angola coach bought his way into coaching i doubt it, just look how he changed the game at Rufaro pure gunius. ZIFA stop selling coaching certificates it kills the game.

  6. fedza November 4, 2012 at 6:39 pm #

    Spot on Tricky, the other problem is our journos now they are getting money from Dube not to nail him in the papers we will not go anywhere with this attitude. Zifa makes too many childish mistakes look at the Asiagate scandal i bet you no telephone itemised bills were looked at starting with everyone working at 53 livingstone ave at the time. Chizuzu said everyone in that office new what was going on including ceo, but they have certain people they want to bring down

  7. hu November 4, 2012 at 7:04 pm #

    zifa has to go

  8. blackwave November 5, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

    Zifa as always are a great disappointment and a heartache for all soccer loving zimbos. If zifa itself is not fixed then forget that the national team will ever fare any better. Zifa are the biggest problem in zimbabwean soccer but well… Everyone already knows that. Its been like this for years but as with everything else, nothing gets fixed in zimbabwe. Its a shame!

  9. brightmel November 6, 2012 at 10:26 am #

    as for me guys i thinkl this zifa admin must go. They make silli decisions like saying they are disbanding the warriors.. Who exzactly is being disbanded here coz as long as we dont hve a match or players in camp the only warriors we have is the technical department. Those guys have over 100 players to choose from. After the angola game cuthbert dube was saying he suspects an act of asiagate yet stil he keeps the technical team. Thts why sep blatter said mr dube is destroying his own country for personal gains… So SELFISH and USELESS nxa!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ANDERSON November 11, 2012 at 9:37 am #

    Dont understand how ZIFA can be said to be disbanding the National Footbal Team. I thought Zifa engaged a technical team led by a National Coach, who presided over the selection of a national team for each and every international engagement. Meaning that there is nothing called a national team in a permanent sense that can be disolved, as a national team is put together for a particular engagement, of course with the core being those players of outstanding ability. Is there any player on a permanent National Team payrole to be regarded as such we may not know about????

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