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Govt must get Zimbabwe out of this misery

THE obtaining labour crisis in the country is a creation of our government which has superintended over the prevailing economic decay in Zimbabwe.

There is no denying that had the economy been performing well, there would not have been this problem of companies
being saddled with unsustainable salary bills.

Seeking to blame companies for employing “too many” workers and rewarding them huge salaries is a lame excuse by a culpable administration that has failed to live to its basic obligations — to build and sustain a viable economy and
provide citizens with employment and decent lives.

Other than a few MPs from the opposition who raised this pertinent issue during debate on the Labour Amendment
Bill last week, a majority in the House focused their contributions the quest to cure just the symptoms of this major
national problem — a government that has failed its people.

Instead of supporting these critical views from legislators like Theresa Makone (MDC-T) and Priscilla Misihairabwi-
Mushonga (MDC), our legislators broke the House down with bursts of applause for Buhera MP Joseph Chinotimba
who had managed to read parts of the Bill under debate in fluent English.

Since the job losses crisis sparked by the July 17 Supreme Court ruling, government has refused to admit its culpability or to apologise to the nation for causing this carnage which is set to further impoverish the people of this country.

The government has also failed to provide a lasting solution. Firing workers will not resurrect our dead industries to create employment and better livelihoods, nor will it cause struggling companies to thrive again. What is required is an economic turnaround supported by real Foreign Direct Investment, not temporary measures that seek not to grow our economy but to condemn the people deeper into misery.

Government and the ruling Zanu PF party must get out of selfish denial and correct their warped politics which has killed this once proud economic beacon of Africa. They should go out there and engage in earnest with the better-todo
cousins of this global village who can come to our rescue.

They must also avoid behaviour that ostracises this country from the rest of the world. It will not kill our leaders to agree to hold free and fair elections, respect basic human rights and adopt sensible economic policies that are not tainted by unnecessary and egoistic political posturing.

The people of this country have suffered for too long and our rulers should have heart and do what they must do to
bring Zimbabwe back to normal. We are sick and tired of being the international source of ridicule that the Mayor of
Harare Bernard Manyenyeni confirms we have become.

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