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Learning gold with Mabikacheche

The way I am going to deal with the golf sport will be to take the view that the readers who will come across these articles will be a mixture of those who are already playing golf, those who wish to start, those who just read them but have no further interest, and finally the rural communities who may not have a chance to read them. This last category represents the majority of Zimbabwe’s population.
If the sport is to be spread to cover the whole country, then there is need to have sports ambassadors who should assist in spreading it to all parts of the country. It is my wish that there should be no section of the country said to be unreachable as long as there are people living there. Quite a number of the urban population has their roots in the rural areas.
It is hoped that the urban people who have knowledge of the subject or who will read these articles, will take some interest in spreading this sport to rural areas they come from or they visit.
To those who know about the sport, please be a bit patient as I shall be starting on the very basics of how to play the game, to the extent of even using raw golf terms that can be understood by all.
Having highlighted the main objectives of this topic what remains is to now introduce the sport. The Rules of Golf under Section 3 deal with the rules of play in which the game of golf is well-defined under Rule 1-1, as I quote, “The game of golf consists of playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the Rules.” 
In crude terms it can be described as hitting a ball into the air with a “stick” or club from a set starting place to a specified point ahead.
The starting place in this instance is the teeing ground in the definition, and the specified point ahead is the hole. Your aim when hitting the ball from the starting point is to let the ball get into the hole or finishing point in one hit (stroke) or several hits (strokes) in as few hits as possible.
In doing this you should at all times abide by the rules of the game which are well outlined in a booklet entitled The Rules of Golf. If you are few, say two or four of you playing, each player’s aim is to hit the ball into the hole in as few hits as possible. The player whose ball gets into the hole after hitting the ball in the fewest hits is the winner.

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