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Life coach launches second book

Sometimes hope is all one has, especially in bleak and challenging times.  To be inspired to hope is a challenge in and of itself. The very act of inspiring others is a mammoth task only a few of us can effectively do.  This is exactly what Rabison Shumba, author and life coach does with his internationally acclaimed book, Fountain of Inspiration, Volume 1.REPORT BY MAGGIE MZUMARA
Written for local application with global implications, the book’s central message is the need for people to find their purpose, unlock and release their passion and potential to the benefit and improvement of themselves and their communities. Topics in the book range from developing leadership skill, identifying one’s purpose, maximising potential all the way to how to manage relationships, professional enhancement and national and community success, among others.

The book was launched last Thursday at the Book Café in Harare in collaboration with Pamberi Trust and the Zimbabwe US Alumni Association and to a crowd of over 200 people.

Entertainment at the launch came through perfomances by Steve Chikoti and Mbizo “The Black Poet” Chirasha. The ceremony was ably directed by Tendu Chipangura and Sharon Hudson-Dean, US Embassy Counsellor for Public Affairs, was the guest of honour.

Shumba challenged and inspired those in attendance to break out and implement ideas they may have shelved over the years.

“The world rewards solution providers, not complainers” he said.

Speaker after speaker at the launch, including Charles Mugaviri, endorsed the author and his book, with many of them reading quotes from the book. The 190-page hard cover book is packed with power statements and inspiring pearls of wisdom as well as God-inspired life’s lessons and messages. The book was written on a cellphone and across two countries, Zimbabwe and the United States.

“Rabison has set a standard for current and future writers in Zimbabwe and all over the world due to the quality of the printed books as well as the content there-in”, said Arthur Marara, who is also a writer and speaker.


About Rabison Shumba

Rabison Shumba was not always a writer. Barely two years ago, he was a Computer Engineer and businessman who left everything to transition into a multi-talented author, motivational speaker, life coach and business consultant.

“Over the last few years, I have suddenly realised the reason for my existence on this planet… I exist to create greatness (success) in others through inspiration,” Shumba said.

His passion to inspire and develop others around him, particularly the young, resonates throughout the book.

The self-published book is the second one Shumba has written. The first, The Greatest Manual, also received much acclaim.

Shumba is married to Jackie and the couple lives in Harare with their two young daughters.

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