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Macheso guitarist not yet fit for the stage

While Alick Macheso’s fans have welcomed  the announcement that the sungura star is recording a new album, his guitarist Lucky Mumiriki is dejected because he will not have a part in the new project.
Mumiriki suffered a stroke in 2010 and any hope of returning to the stage soon is fading as doctors have warned he is not fit to strum the guitar.

Macheso went into the studio last week to start recording a new album that is expected on the market soon and Mumiriki said he would have wanted to be part of this new offering.

“It is sad that I will not be able to contribute anything to the new album. I had hoped that I would go back on stage by end of this year but doctors are saying I am still far from that,” said Mumiriki in an emotional interview with StandardLife&Style at his house in Chitungwiza.

“I am now able to walk from here to Makoni, which is about five kilometres, and I am happy I can go that far but going back on stage is still out of consideration.”

Mumiriki said he was worried about the way fans were becoming concerned about his health but promised that he would recover and go back on stage.

“They always text messages asking how I am feeling and it is troubling me but I can’t do anything because the doctors say I still need a rest.

He thanked the band for taking care of him.

“I am happy that I managed to build a house when I was still active. My family and the band are focusing on footing my hospital bills since I do not need to pay rent for me.”

“In some bands they pay those active on stage and if you go away even if you are sick they don’t give you anything but I am happy that it has not been the same with me. I am receiving my salary and our mother (Macheso’s wife) is closely assisting my family.”

Macheso’s assistant manager Jethro Mchanja said Mumiriki is one of them and they will never leave him in his time of need.

“We are with him because he is our band member so, as far as we are concerned we are responsible for everything as a band,” said Machanja.

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