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Suits should be adjusted to fit perfectly

Sometimes you can be in a place where there are several men who are dressed more or less the same.

Report by Heather R

It can be suits, jeans or shorts, but you look at some and think “hmmm, that man is debonair” and yet when you see some you think “mmmm mmmm, not so debonair”.

You can tell that something is off but you just cannot put a finger on it.

Earlier this week I came across this picture on a friend’s facebook profile. It made me chuckle but it did shed a little light on the few things men can do to ensure that they are not on the wrong side of the fence.

Dopey is a defined, by the Collins New English Dictionary, as “half-asleep, as when under the influence of a drug” or slang for “silly” while it defines dapper as “neat in appearance and slightly well-built”.

Mr Dopey is not built differently compared to Mr Dapper and yet the suit would have you think Mr Dopey is bigger and shapeless. His suit has no form to it and hangs on his body instead of sitting well like it does on Mr Dapper.

If you are a slim man, go with a slim fit suit because it will sit better on you. If you are not slim, buy one that is your size, ensuring the shoulder of the jacket actually sits on the shoulder and your sleeves are not over-sized, going beyond your wrists.

The fit of the suit is more important than the price you pay for it. If it is ill-tailored, the price will not matter because you will still look dopey. Expose your cuffs, let us see them, but not too much of them.

Mr Dopey looks like an undertaker in his basic suit but Mr Dapper has accessorised his suit with basic things like a tie bar, cuff links and pocket square. Women are not the only ones who can accessorise their outfits, men can too.

The perfect break as explained by Askmen website

Accessories for men are not as flamboyant as ladies’ accessories. Keep them simple, especially the cuff links.

For starters, metal cuff links look much better than the ones made with a fabric that matches the tie. Think clean and simple.

AskMen website says, “The perfect break will speak volumes about your professional image”.

AskMen explains that the break is where your pants fall on your shoes, creating a horizontal crease in the fabric across the front of your pant leg. This is a result of the length of your pants. A good break is more than just appealing visually, it is also an indicator that your pants are the right length. A medium break is best suited to men of average height but any man can pull it off.

Speak to your tailor about adjusting the length of your pants to midway between the top of your dress loafer and the top of your shoe sole.

There’s nothing that completes an outfit like the right shoe. Mr Dopey’s choice of chunky dress shoe does not say great things about his sense of style. Wing tips and shoes like it are a better choice because they are more stylish and they fit well.

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