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Diana displays maturity on album

Diana Samkange’s latest offering, Kumazivandadzoka has thrust her into the elite of local jazz crooners.


The album, which she says has taken her oddly long to come up with, has a taste of mature sound coming from an evidently composed artist.
According to Diana, this is an album that describes the better part of who she has grown to be.

“I am now a mother, musician and wife,” she said.

“There are a lot of experiences that I have gone through over the past few years that have made me what I am today.”

She said she hoped that her fans would accept the new Afro-jazz and traditional feel in her music.

“If this is acceptable, then this will be the Diana in the next projects,” she said.

The artist however, bemoaned the poor faring of local videos on the regional and international scene.

“I refer to videos particularly because I have the video of the song Kumagumo that has been played on DSTV’s Channel O but there has not been any consistency,” said Diana.

“I do not know if there is something that we are not doing right as Zimbabweans, but something really needs to be done to ensure the growth of the industry.”

Her new album has a striking protest feel, particularly CONTINUED FROM PAGE S1

the first track Natsa on which she sings about social relations. The title track, Kumazivandadzoka flows on an almost similar tone but talks more about experience being the best teacher. She chronicles the sorrows that parents, particularly mothers, endure whenever their children encounter misfortunes.
Charinga is a complaint against an abusive and impatient husband whom she envisages as wicked. She laments the hard-heartedness of the husband.

Asked if the song in any way reflects her marital experiences, Diana decided not to say much: “It is a song that many married couples can relate to.”

On Mandiri and Zuva Rekuguma she prays for divine intervention as she accedes to various ills that befall mankind.
She goes mellow on Kukushaya where she portrays a partner longing for her loved one.

Panodamwoyo has a different danceable feel that may seem hinged on Pasada and makes a good listen.

The last track Kumagumo comes from the previous album with the same title.

The dominance of Afro-jazz makes the album one in a class of its own and it should be one splendid way to start the new year for the songstress.

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