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Tryson, Kimberly break up

Tryson Chimbetu is in a love dilemma after he was allegedly dumped by his girlfriend Kimberly Mautsa because “he does not have time for romance.”
Mautsa, whom Tryson first brought into the public eye at his cousin Sulumani’s awards celebration at Jazz 105 in February, said she is hurt to break up with Tryson.

Report by Silent Charumbira

She initially evaded questions saying it was complicated, but later divulged that she had dumped the musician.

“Tryson focused more on work than me and I got bored and dumped him,” she said.

Mautsa said she had fought for the relationship’s survival against her family and friends who felt Tryson was not suitable for her.

“I did not care [about her family and friends’ view] because my love for him was too deep, but we had to give each other space because he is too busy. I think he was under too much pressure with his new album.”

The heart-broken beauty however dispelled any speculation that the relationship had broken because of her boyfriend’s infidelity.
“I doubt he cheated. He is not that kind of person.”

Asked if she still had any affection for her lost lover, Mautsa confessed she missed him dearly.

“I miss him and he misses me too but right now it is complicated. He is a shy person and I love that about him. I still love him but breaking up is way out for both of us now. Tryson loves me and I love him too but it is not working.”

She said she wishes the situation could be better for the sake of their love.

Tryson however rubbished Mautsa calling her a “press monger”.

“Haana dhiri munhu iyeye mudhara (That person is useless my brother),” said Tryson.

“We had not been together for long and the slightest chance she got she rushed to the press. I am not that kind of person. I want to live my life without public intrusion. She is definitely the wrong character for me.”

The dendera musician said he hated the behaviour Mautsa had exhibited.

“She wants public attention and to me that is her exit package. I tried to make it a serious relationship but I realised I had to slow down since she is hungry for fame. Kimberly loves the famous Tryson and not the real me so I had to stop it.”

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