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Dehwa’s children face hard times

Two of the late Tongai Moyo’s children are facing hard times because there has been noone to take proper care of them since their father died in 2011.


Their mother Barbara Mu-chengeti died in 2010 after taking poison. Muchengeti’s sister Esnath told Standard life&style in an interview that the two children were facing hard times.

“We are no longer really worried about what happened to Barbara. We are concerned about her children. We are worried about them as they are facing challenges,” she said.

The visibly troubled Esnath said her sister’s soul may not find peace because of her children’s situation.

“I am sure that my sister is turning in her grave now. When babamukuru [Tongai] passed away the children were staying with him, a few months later we took them.

“As a family we reached an agreement that Peter [Tongai’s oldest son] would pay school fees for them, but he only paid their fees for a few terms and then he stopped.”

She said she was recently called by the school authorities in Mbizo, who said the children had a serious backlog on their fees.

Peter refused to comment on the matter, saying he was busy working on a new album and had no time to comment on such issues.

She said up to today the family was not sure as to what happened to Barbara.

“The truth of the matter is up to now we don’t know what happened to my sister. At first we were told that she took poison by mistake, but we later found out that she actually locked herself in a room in Sesombe to take the poison.

“Well, that is the past. We are now worried about the future of the children and their welfare. It is so sad that they have to face such hard times when other children are surviving on Tongai’s estate.”

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