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Tips on how to be well-groomed

Good grooming is not time consuming nor does it break the bank, like one would think.  The minor investment you make into your grooming is more than worthwhile, for reasons that I mentioned in my previous article. Every year I dedicate an article to grooming, I will stop when I feel we are all on the same page.

Report by Heather R

Take a bath

Regular baths are mandatory, regardless of weather and electricity circumstances. The absence of running water and electricity may be discouraging because it is cold and cold baths are anything but enjoyable, yet in spite of that, it must be done.  Remember to be thorough and clean every nook and cranny on your body, behind the ears, your armpits, below the waist (both front and back), between your toes. Add some bicarbonate of soda to your bath water to tackle that body odour.

Washing hair will rid it of dandruff, dust and oil. (Picture:
Washing hair will rid it of dandruff, dust and oil. (Picture:

Effective mouth cleaning

When cleaning your teeth do not just focus on the outside of the teeth, but the insides as well. Your tongue is also crucial. Brush it well to get rid of any bacteria and food particles. The same goes for the roof of your mouth. Remember, a dry mouth is a smelly mouth so drink up and eat up.

Shave armpits, apply roll-on

Washing your armpits is not the end of it. Shave off the hair that harbours bacteria and sweat. Plus, it looks tonnes neater if you wear a sleeveless top and the armpits are clean. The hairy armpit look will not be in, anytime soon, so get shaving or waxing, whatever works for you. Then an antiperspirant is critical, whether you buy the spray on one or the roll-on type. This will keep you fresh and prevent you from smelling of sweat. If need be, reapply it throughout the day. Perfume or deodorants do not perform the same function as an antiperspirant.

Sweaty armpits are off-putting
Sweaty armpits are off-putting

Wash your hair

Clean hair grows better. It is advisable to wash your hair at least once a week. I understand that some hairstyles do not appreciate being washed so often so, you could scrub your scalp with a towel or toothbrush that has shampoo on it and wipe down the hair with a towel with shampoo on it. Rinse the towel and wipe your scalp and hair with the clean towel.

Nail care

Cut those finger nails and keep them clean. Do not neglect them when taking your bath. Gentlemen, just cut them all off, yes, including the nails on your baby fingers. Ladies, if you are going to keep your nails long, keep them looking meticulous, even them out, file them and scrub them so they are constantly looking presentable.

Ear buds

Use ear buds to clean your ears so you do not have ear wax leaking out of your ear. Just do not shove the ear bud too far because that pushes the wax further down your ear canal, resulting in your ear being blocked or other infections from developing.

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