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Zimbabwe music greats feature in new drama

Comedian Mabla 10 (Lloyd Kurima) has released the much-awaited Bag Rabvaruka 3 featuring sungura maestro Alick Macheso and Utakataka Express frontman Peter Moyo aka Dhewa.


Speaking to Standardlife&style, Mabla 10, who is the producer of the comedy, said he was glad to collaborate with the renowned artistes.

“This is a must-watch drama and we are happy with the flavour that Macheso and Dhewa added, as that is exactly why we engaged them,” said Mabla 10.
The drama explores various social issues that are being experienced in the day to day lives of people.

Macheso features as younger brother to notorious Sekuru Zvambu (Jabulani Sigauke) who nearly faces the wrath of the public after being caught peeping into a neighbour’s bathroom while his wife is bathing.

In trying to protect himself, he mentions that he wants to take the issue to his brothers Alick and Oliver only for the angry mob to realise that Macheso is the Alick mentioned, prompting them to release him.

“As an ambassador that he is for Red Cross, he fits well into the role as he manages to reconcile people,” said Mabla 10.

“Dhewa on the other hand will be the Chief/Igwe handling the trial of serial female rapists among them Mai Shinda [Filda Muchabaiwa].”

This is Macheso’s second project in drama circles after appearing in another local drama Fidelis.

Also featuring in the drama is Monica Chikosha, better known as “Sele”, and Utakataka Express dancer Great Njanji popularly known as “Officer”.

Njanji replaces Officer Shinda in the film, whose role has been discontinued as a gesture against corruption.

Besides writing and directing the comedies, Mabla 10 has also starred in numerous street theatre and television productions as well as in Jah Prayzah’s videos for the songs Sungano and Maria.

The former Glen View High 1 student has produced four dramas namely Bag Remhosva, Vamwe Vanhu, and Bag Rabvaruka 1 and 2.

The latest production comes on the back of the success of his previous project, Bag Rabvaruka 2 which features Sulumani Chimbetu, Dhewa and Jah Prayzah.

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