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Promoter Zikhali dupes dancehall twins?

Musician Soul Jah Love’s former manager and promoter Courage Zikhali is under fire from dancehall chanters Whisper T and Cut Killer – popularly known as the Dangerous Twins – for failing to honour contractual agreements.

Winstone Antonio

The duo told Standardstyle that Zikhali approached them following their performance at a local club and invited them to work with him, but subsequently reneged on his contractual obligations.

“Zikhali failed to respect our contractual agreement and paid us only US$6 for all the five performances that we did under him,” said Cut Killer.

“He made us sign a three-year contract and promised to give us our copies once they had been stamped by the police and that was all when we last heard of the contract.”

Cut Killer added that Zikhali later asked them to perform at fellow musician Jiggaz’s birthday bash at a club in the outskirts of Harare and promised to pay them the following day but started playing hide and seek with them.

Their agreement, he said, entitled them to get half the payment after the performance and the balance would be settled the following day but he started giving excuses.

“We understood him and staged more shows in Marondera and Harare as we were promised to be paid once off but we never received anything,” Cut Killer said.

Zikhali however professed ignorance of the issue and referred all questions to his manager.

“I do not know those artistes. Can you phone my manager Noel? He is the one who deals with those issues.”

His manager was not reachable until the time of print.

Zikhali is not new to such controversies after he fell out with Soul Jah Love in June and started throwing all forms of dirty linen in public.

While Zikhali alleged that Soul Jah Love abused drugs, the musician countered by alleging that he was duped, resulting in him being stripped of his yellow Hummer and rented home in Houghton Park.

While it remains to be seen how this will pan out, Zikhali for now appears to be following controversy; or rather, controversy is tracking him.

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