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All set for Chitungwiza Arts Centre exhibition

Chitungwiza Arts Centre will hold its annual exhibition next week.

By Our Staff

The exhibition, running under the theme, Rebirth, takes place between October 26 and 31.

“The theme Rebirth encourages the re-creation of the creative power of artistes in their works,” said Taurai Tigere, chairperson of the centre.

“This exhibition is a platform for artistes to reinvent themselves like eagles, which when they start getting weak, go into hiding and regenerate themselves. It is a platform to showcase new ideas and to chart new direction in visual arts”.

An artiste at the centre, Peter Gwisa believes the theme encourages a rebirth in relations with long lost buyers and long lost friends.

“I think the exhibition is a platform for reconciliation, not only with lost buyers, but also reconciliation among fellow artistes. I see the exhibition as an opportunity to renew and restore relations,” said Gwisa.

His sentiments were also echoed by another sculptor, Isaac Choloka who said the theme was in line with the renewal and the refurbishments of the dilapidated infrastructure at Chitungwiza Arts Centre.

“The security wall was recently refurbished, so were the gazebos and toilets. To me, this reflects the rebirth of Chitungwiza Arts Centre and I feel the theme is relevant for this particular exhibition,” said Choloka, who has taken part in a number of international exhibitions in Europe and the United States.

Victor Matafi said the exhibition was a platform to expose them to new markets. “I think new markets will breathe new life into the arts centre and that in its own is a rebirth of the centre and of the artistes,” said Matafi.

Tigere believes the creative industry in which visual arts falls, is a multi-billion dollar sector and as such, there should be deliberate efforts aimed at promoting the arts and this exhibition is one such effort.
“Art can be used as a way to alleviate poverty in Chitungwiza and in Zimbabwe,” Tigere said.

“Due to high levels of unemployment in Zimbabwe, the informal sector is now sustaining livelihoods and is now a source of income for many families.”

He said the exhibition was coming at a time when art was fast becoming an alternative source of livelihood due to high levels of unemployment in Zimbabwe.

“Since July this year, more than 30 000 people have lost jobs and a great number among them can be assimilated into the arts sector. This is why it is important to hold events such as this exhibition. Apart from showcasing existing talents, it can also attract more people who will realise that they too can be gainfully employed as artistes and participate in alleviating poverty in the community”.

Prizes will be awarded to sculptors whose works best express this year’s theme.

“This exhibition is an opportunity to showcase the creativity of the people of Chitungwiza. The success of the exhibitions in the eyes of the community should be measured by how visitors will have a renewed view of Chitungwiza,” Tigere said.

“Arts, especially stone sculpture, is a major foreign currency earner for the nation. With support from government, stone sculptures can be to Zimbabwe what soccer is to Brazil and what music is to Jamaica”.

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