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Tryson strikes the right chords

One of Dendera music’s finest finds Tryson “Dr Nero” Chimbetu seems to have found the perfect formula to revive his music career, if his latest offering Victory Ballon d’or is anything to go by. There is just something about the new production that touches your heart and makes you fall in love with each track as it plays. The talented crooner, however, believes the playing field has not been level and with better support and ample leeway, he can bring back the glory days to Zimbabwean music.

By Own Correspondent

“I don’t doubt my talent and class, but beyond that, I think I need to withstand the pressure from saboteurs,” he said.

“It has been a rough time but I believe I can work on getting my music accepted and played so that fans can judge for themselves. I would be very happy to get fair ground in my career and with everyone’s support, I can take Zimbabwean music to higher ranks. Like Black Mambazo, I can bring Grammy awards to Zimbabwe.”

The talented composer and choreographer has for a long time been regarded as an underrated but immensely gifted musician. Local music critics argued it was just a matter of time before Zimbabwe awakened to his talent and Tryson believes the eight-track album is poised to herald a turn of fortunes for his career.

“Contrary to common belief, I am not an arrogant person, but art runs in me and being a gifted artist has its own downside, just like the case with celebrated artistes like Dambudzo Marechera,” Tryson said.

“I believe I have turned the curve and matured with time. I have faced a number of challenges and sabotage from enemies of progress, but my greatest strength has been prayer. I am grateful to my mother and my wife for the support they gave me. I now have a different approach to business and the new album marks my grand entrance onto the big league of local music.

“It’s a whole new season and Zimbabwe must brace up for a more polished musician who delivers when it matters. Promoters and corporates are warming up to me and I am encouraged by the positivism around me”.

Tryson’s sentiments were echoes by Nash Paints chief executive officer Tinashe Mutarisi, who pledged support for the affable musician who now calls himself the “Dendera Supremo”.

“As Nash Paints, we are about building strong brands and I believe Tryson has the natural flare that can take him places. What he needs is everyone’s support and we are happy with our contributions to his blossoming career and we will continue doing so,” said Mutarisi.

Nash Paints is one of the corporates that powered Tryson’s album launch at Radost last month and provided cars for road shows prior to the launch. Mutarisi reckons corporates have a role to play in nurturing young talent and he pledged to support Dr Nero’s musical aspirations all the way.

Veteran producer Bothwell “African” Nyamhondera, who worked with Tryson on the new production, feels the Dendera protégé has great potential, but needs to be more serious in his approach. “Tryson has got great potential, but he must improve his approach. Even when I was working with him in the studio, I registered the same concern. He has the talent but I believe he could have done better. It’s a very good project but there is room for improvement,” said Nyamhondera.

Recorded and produced at Diamond Studios by Nyamhondera, Tryson’s latest offering is in a league of its own and will certainly usher merrymakers into the festive mood. The album features tracks such as Ndarota, Chihera Vhura Door, Africa, Isa Moto, Joyce, Kanumber Kanew One, Basa and Ndoendepi. All tracks contain the rich Dendera aura.
The message carried in most songs speak of a great composer who, with a little patience, can rise to be a force to reckon with regionally and internationally.

“Ndarota is about a dream I had with my late fathers Naison and Simon urging me to carry Dendera music across the globe. In the dream, they were saying they did their best on a local scale and it was now my turn to take Dendera music to the international market,” said Tryson.

“Chihera is a celebration of love whereby the man says to the wife open the door for me, like our women do after every long working day. Africa is about celebrating self as an African regardless of circumstances. In the song Isa Moto, I am urging Dendera musicians and all that love our music to help us carry the torch forward.

“The song Joyce is about reassurance in love where a suitor is asking his loved one for assurance in their relationship,” he said.

Dr Nero said he had given his all and it was now up to the fans to judge for themselves. Nyamhondera described Tryson as a born-artiste with a great future ahead of him.

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