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Fungisai bares her soul

Gospel singer Fungisai Mashavave says people should accept that she is a musician first regardless of the genre she sings and is free to work with any artistes even those singing dancehall sector and live a different lifestyle with her.

By Problem Masau

Fungisai’s sentiments came after many people frowned upon her because of her collaborations with circular musician Killer T.


In a hearty interview, the Highway singer said ‘the label’ she had carried over the years has hindered her creativity and it was time to come out of her shell.

“I love God and also love my profession and I am hoping in 2016 more people will understand that its not a sin for a Christian to chose a music career,” she said.

“I hope to be understood as a professional artiste who can freely work as an artiste just like others despite my Christianity.”

The musician said people have called her names because of how she interacted with artistes from different genres. She said society must understand that music is an art despite different social backgrounds.

“I have been given names and its fortunate that this has not been a setback in my creativity and development as an artist,” she said.

“Music is a profession where people from different backgrounds should work together in different workplaces and go back to lead different lifestyles.

“I am praying that people recognise me for the artist I am. I hope that 2016 is the year that I will make a break through and people will understand me better for the person that I am and not for the person they want me to be.

“I am into music for the passion and I wish to sing to everyone, anything and everything that is of value to my society with no limitations because God gave me the gift freely. It is my hope that 2016 will see me soar in those endeavours.”

Fungisai has in the past complained that music promoters underrate her because she is female.

“It is not about the promoters’ trust. It is about the society’s perceptions. And no matter how women make progress, wherever they will still lag behind unless society changes its attitude towards women across the board,” she said.

“For example how many hits do I have? How many times have I wooed crowds and for how many years? However, when it comes to real events like entertainment at soccer matches and national events, the preference always shifts in favour of our male counter parts.

“I can promise you that given the same opportunities as our male counterparts I will deliver something equal to them be it in choreography and choice of songs and execution, but because I am female I have to go an extra mile to convince the world that I am up to the task.”

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