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High School Confessions coming soon

When High School Confessions showed on national television — ZTV — it livened up the station. Even though it showed at 4pm on Mondays when most students were at school, the programme became a hit and a favourite for many.



High School Confessions brought to the fore various issues affecting students.

During its 13 episodes, the programme tackled issues like love in the classroom, peer pressure, student-teacher relationships, body image and self-esteem among other subjects. Despite the programme being popular with teenagers, the national broadcaster stopped showing it.

However, ZTV has given the show a new lease of life as the management at the national broadcaster has engaged producer Sydney Mataro to produce Season 2.

Mataro, who is also a film producer, said ZBC indicated that they wanted to offer him a new deal but he was harmstrung by lack of sponsorship.

“During Season 1 the public’s response was overwhelming. I would receive massive feedback from viewers and that should impress partners who want to support the programme,” said Mataro.

The Kadoma-bred producer said he wanted to change the set and use one that matches international standards.

“Season 2 will have a presenter and will feature different students on each episode. Students willing to come to the show are free to do so and their concerns will be aired on national television,” he said.

Mataro said he had funded production of High School Confessions Season 1 from his own pocket. He said touching students stories inspired him to produce the 13 episodes although he got meagre payments from ZBC.

“My aim is to produce programmes that tell amazing stories and leave viewers moved and feeling better,” he said.
Mataro was the brains behind Love and Relationships: How to Really Touch a Woman, a television talk show which tackled relationship issues. However, the show was only briefly aired on ZTV.

The veteran producer has produced a young adult comedy drama titled College City, a series that is about life at college and many other things that happen when students from diverse backgrounds come to live together in one place.

College City is similar to the American television series Beverly Hills 90210, which showed for over 10 years and was exported around the world.

“College City will be the funniest television show in recent times to be shown on national television. It is presented in English, Ndebele, and Shona and has the potential to become an international hit like South African soapies — Muvhango and Generations,” he said.

However, even though a seven-minute promo of the film has been submitted to ZBC, the station is yet to air it. ZTV says its viewing committee does not air promos but only full episodes.

“I am preparing to submit the required full episode and viewers can expect to be blown away by the show. But if ZTV refuses to commission it I am planning to sell the show on DVD,” he said.

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