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The return of Tanga wekwaSando

Jazz crooner Tanga wekwaSando is paying up for his hiatus from the music scene with two albums that are set to be released this year.

By Staff Reporter

Tanga wekwaSando
Tanga wekwaSando

The veteran musician told The Standard Style on Wednesday that he was in the studio working on one of the two projects.

“I am happy in the studio and I hope this happiness translates to the fans whom I have made to wait for so long,” he said. “It’s pay-back time to the fans and I am coming with two albums. The first project titled Sei. is on the final stages and second one Sei Plus will be done at a later stage this year.”

Songs on the album include Unoziva Sei, Love Panet, Ndiniwo Knock Knock, I will Always Love You, Mahewu Nice and Ndovimba.

Famed for his songs Mahobho and Wake, Tanga wekwaSando believes his six-track offering is typical township music which will reassert him as the country’s best jazz crooner.

“I am a product of my own history and my music is rooted in the indigenous genres and township where I come from,” he said. “I have sifted through dozens of songs in my archives and selected the best six for the first album, which is reflective of the sentiments that I have received from fans that I meet on a day-to-day basis.”

The musician said he thrived to please people from different cultural backgrounds with satirical love songs.

“It’s a spectrum of people that I want to please, so I consider different taste of cultural groups. My new project shows higher creativity levels than previous ones,” he said.

Unoziva Sei talks about concerns that are predominant in love and Tanga wekwaSando said he was inspired to compose the song after listening to some radio programmes.

“I am an avid radio listener and this other day; I was listening to a radio programme just before midday where they were discussing about love. I later discovered that concerns were predominant in love and this inspired me to write the song,” he said.

Love Panet highlights the pros and cons of social media on relationships while in Ndiniwo Knock Knock, Tanga wekwaSando wears an uncle’s jacket where he advises his nephew or niece on relationships.

Munya Viya, who is producing the album, said he felt honoured to work with a veteran musician like Tanga wekwaSando.

“I feel honoured to work with big names like Tanga wekwaSando. It shows that I am doing a good job which he appreciates,” he said.

Viya said if all goes well, the production will be completed by end of this month while Tanga wekwaSando believes the album will hit the streets next month or early September.

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