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First Farai not fazed by explicit pictures

Sungura musician First Farai says he was not fazed by the explicit photos of him and pole dancer Zoey which were taken during the launch of his album Mukonon’ono Hard Times that were exposed in the media last month.


First Farai, who disappeared from the limelight soon after the exposé, told The Standard Style that the pictures had shown him in bad light to his family.

“Yes, they were bad pictures for my family to see, but they are now used to me always getting bad publicity in the local media,” he said.

While Zoey confirmed that she was summoned by the police over the issue, the musician, born Aliya Mwalimbo, said the law enforcement agents were yet to call him.

“I was never summoned by the police. It was only in the newspapers and I don’t know why those newspapers lied,” he said.

After getting bad publicity, most musicians are affected to the extent of leaving the industry, but First Farai says he is not deterred.

“This does not affect my career at all, but it gives me strength. Kuhukura kwembwa hakutadzise nzou kupinda nepayakananga napo [the barking of dogs cannot prevent the elephant from walking along its path],” said the sungura musician.

Riding high with his latest album titled Mukonon’ono Hard Times, First Farai believes the sky is the limit in a career that has been mired in controversy for him.

He says his album, which talks about hardships that people face, has been received well, but was affected by piracy.

“It is doing well on the market, only that it has been affected by piracy, which is mostly affecting our careers,” he said.

The musician said he was in good books with the Utakataka Express heir Peter Moyo, adding that to him, Moyo was like a son.

He said his backing group — Hurudza Express — was intact.

“It was disbanded in the newspapers. I only came to know about it from the press and I think that the press knew the reason,” he said.

“I want to have my own recording studio and you have to be willing to take business risks and build your clientele up because you will not be able to make money right away. You should be ready for that.”

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