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Bloody protests spoil August fiesta

Unprecedented bloody protests that resulted in injuries for both adults and minors affected showbiz schedules on the much anticipated final weekend of August with most revellers choosing to stay at home so they could be safe.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Lots of money could have been flashed down the drain as some show promoters were also left counting their losses as events attracted a few daring revellers.

According to reports most shows that were billed for Friday night in Harare were affected as people jostled to leave the city centre which had turned into a warzone as quickly as they could.

On the same day, gates into the Harare Agricultural Show were shut when the melee between protesters and police ensued, leading to many attendees being stuck inside the venue.

This affected the attendence yesterday — the last day of the Harare Agricultural Show — which is usually a hive of activity and attracts lots of people, mainly children.

A visit to the showgrounds by The Standard Style yesterday afternoon proved that there were lesser people compared to previous events.

Organisers of the ZiFM birthday bash where South Africans Mafikizolo and KO were expected to perform yesterday also faced a torrid time trying to convince revellers that the show would go ahead.

This came after dubious messages emerged threatening violence at the venue while some falsely claimed that the show had been cancelled under unclear circumstances.

Zimdancehall gigs which already have a grim history of violence also attracted a wide debate as many promised not to set foot at the venues. Staunch fans were, however, not be deterred.

Meanwhile, former BBA UK housemate and television personality Makosi Musambasi failed to maintain her cool over police brutality on Friday as she lashed out at the law enforcers.

Musambasi who has broken her silence over the government’s “abusive nature” joined the growing band of celebrity voices denouncing the Zanu PF regime.

In a series of tweets on her Twitter account @MAKOSI, which has more than 17 000 followers, the 35-year-old socialite expressed disgust on brute force used in crushing a court sanctioned peaceful protest.

“The High Court allowing the march means the law enforcers are breaking the law! It’s confusing mhani #ZimbabweYadzoka #ThisFlag,” she tweeted, suggesting the police may have misread the symbolism of red on the national flag.

“Maybe flag racho rikachinjwa…tobvisa (if we change the flag and replace) the red that stands for blood? Hameno unotoita fanika wakupenga [Sometimes you look as if you are insane] #ZimbabweYadzoka #Thisflag.”

Musambasi who like many Zimbabwean celebrities had remained mum in the past could not hide her fear of the unknown as citizens’ freedom after speech has proven not to be guaranteed in the country.

“Hana inorova [I am scared] when I tweet about this matter but unozvisimbisa nekuti [you gather courage because] what have I left to lose #ZimbabweYadzoka #ThisFlag,” she said.

“You know sometimes you just don’t want to get involved but circumstances leave you with no choice #ZimbabweYadzoka #thisflag.”

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