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Stunner charms supervisor

Swanky rapper Desmond Chideme aka Stunner is halfway done with his community service at Greendale District Office and hopes to return to his normal lifestyle soon, but his newly-found buddy and supervisor Gift Manyusa wishes he could spend more time.

By Staff Reporter

The Standard Style on Wednesday spoke to Manyusa — who has been seen in the same picture with Stunner on social media platform Instagram as well as a couple of snippet videos on Snapchat — to find out how the two are getting along.

“We are working well together and there are no problems. You know it is a situation that he unfortunately got into asi zvinowanika and zvinhu zvinogona kuitika kumunhu wese [it can happen to anyone],” said Manyusa, who jokingly requested that the community service time be extended.

“We have built a mutual relationship to the extent that we wish the time could be extended,” he said.

The Harare City Council plumber said he believes they have built a strong friendship.

“People can get to know each other through a problem but iyo nyaya yacho inogona kuita kuti muchingobatana zvachose [the problem can also create a long stretching bond] at the same time,” he said.

When Stunner was convicted for negligent driving last month, fans were divided between wishing him well and thinking he deserved it.

The singer, who was slapped with 210 hours of community service, however, maintained that he was unfazed by the negativity, but rather is repentant and ready to make a change.

Since he started serving his sentence, Stunner has continued to keep his followers in the loop on how he is going about it through his social media platforms.

“I am just working and I am not even counting the hours anymore,” he said.

All seems under control, but the rapper’s music has not been receiving airplay and he believes he is being sabotaged by certain DJs whom he could not name.

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