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Choloka gives back to hometown

Most people look down upon arts as something unimportant, especially when compared to subjects such as languages, maths and science. However, the value of arts should not be underestimated because it can provide several benefits for the “academically not-gifted students”.


Isaac Choloka
Isaac Choloka

Internationally-acclaimed sculptor Isaac Choloka is working on a piece of sculpture that he intends to donate to his former school — Pfupajena Primary School in Chegutu — which he believes is a way of motivating pupils at the school to consider arts.

“I have two big stones that I just gathered and one of them is to show the talent that I have in big stones and the other one is about education. It will go to my former primary school,” said Choloka.

He said the main reason for such a move was to motivate people from the area he spent the better part of his life.
Choloka, who has made a name for himself on the global arts scene, said the sculpture that he was working on was in the form of a human figure reading a book.

“It will be a sculpture that will help children to work hard in school as portrayed through a human figure holding a book,” he said.

To Choloka, stone carving is a medium to draw and paint ideas and to convey messages which are essential in the day-to-day living of human beings.

“Sometimes people realise the importance of education when they drop out of school and face the reality of life,” he said.

“An educated person would listen to all and do what suits them best. It is impossible to fool an educated person for it would take reasoning and logic to get him in the trap. Education keeps you from being trapped in advisories that are no more fruitful than digging your house for the pot of gold.”

He said he couldn’t attend many exhibitions due to his busy schedule.

“It was a busy year for me. However, I am planning that next year I participate in whatever exhibition that will come my way because that is the only way to meet with buyers,” he said.

“The other stone will be of a family where I am trying to educate people about their families. There are many stories about families, so it will teach parents to try their best to stay and unite with their children.”

Although there are ups and downs in the arts industry, Choloka said it motivated him to work hard to reach his goals.

“I have made a lot of improvements over the years and due to exposure to the world of arts, it improved me a lot through learning from others and attending workshops,” he said.

“At first people did not appreciate what I do, but now everyone is responding to my work in a way that I don’t understand. Long back even customers had no time to look at my work.”

Choloka has exhibited at local, regional and international expos, a feat matched by a handful of sculptors in the country. He has showcased his works at the Hanover Travel Expo (Germany), Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Tour of Private Collection (Virginia, United States), the Private Exhibitions (United States) and the New Gallery Opening Symbols in Stone (Germany).

Locally, he participated at the Creativity and Originality and Tenth Anniversary Exhibition at Chitungwiza Arts Centre; Zimbabwe International Travel Expo, Chitungwiza Industrial and Travel Expo and the National Arts Merit Awards.

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