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Martin Sibanda extends olive branch to ‘rebel’

NDOLWANE Super Sounds frontman Martin Sibanda has left the door open for a possible reunion with his estranged former sidekick Charles Ndebele, leader of the other Ndolwane Super Sounds offshoot, Amangwe Part 1.


Sibanda and Ndebele were the front men for the original Ndolwane Super Sounds prior to their unexplained split in 2011. Sibanda recently said he was open to a meeting with the latter to clear the air.

The dreadlocked Sibanda made the remarks at a press conference to announce the forthcoming release of his second solo six-track album, titled Konke Sizokulungisa set to be unveiled in March.

“I cannot tell my side of the story of what happened, but I feel Ndebele should be around too so that the truth comes out. There is a possibility for us to re-unite. Since Charles is refusing to meet up with me, a secret meeting can be arranged and he [can] be invited so that we can have dialogue and resolve the issue,” Sibanda said.

“At the moment, I can tell you my side of the story which can be biased, but I feel together with Charles, we can solve the issue.”

Sibanda said he had no problem in meeting up with his former band member, claiming it is Ndebele who keeps avoiding him.

Sibanda said his second solo album would have tracks like Milenje, Abantwana, Milandu, Gr8 Team (Green World).

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