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Top decor trends to look out for in the new year

Every home, like its owner, deserves to be pampered. A good-looking house, from the inside, is an object of attention and envy in one’s social circle. And we are all guilty of taking out our best china crockery only when our friends come over, simply to impress them.

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Jewel tones will bring out value in interiors
Jewel tones will bring out value in interiors

Over the years, home décor has taken the world by storm and new trends emerge every year. As the world comes closer, tastes are no longer defined by distance or geographies. People are now willing to spend generously, in order to give their homes a cosmopolitan makeover every year.

2016 was largely a year of cast-iron and bold decoration, with pastel hues as well as brighter looks dominating the landscape. It has been a year with all sorts of picturesque décor; a year of marble accents and stainless steel, with a touch of geometric designs ubiquitously. The walls have been played with various shades, colours and patterns. It has been a year of pastel pink and also the darkest shade of blue; a year of modern patterns and also the vintage artefacts, and has hence proved to be the boldest and most observational year so far.

Moving forward, 2017 is going to be the year where we will see the revival of a few conventional trends and designs and will focus on simplicity rather than intricate and heavy designs and décor.

Eco-friendly home décor

As the world becomes more ecologically-conscious, the trend will shift towards being simple and spacious. Move over, artificial plants, flowerpots and indoor vines will rule this year’s home décor, along with increased ventilation and large windows. Recycled products will be seen aplenty in the form of eco-friendly and stylish furniture.

Colour code green

While 2016 belonged to the pastels and grey, this year will see a splash of green. Layering intense, saturated colours like green on the walls will furnish your room with a fresh and light touch. So don’t be afraid to experiment and add a dash of green to express your signature style. Remember that 2017 is going to be the year of experimenting with conventionalism, elegance and bohemian accents.

The revival of wallpaper might also be seen, but the wall decals and quoted artwork may be washed off as wall décor. Also, materials like cork and terracotta may make a comeback and take over marble this year which is turning trite.

In the year ahead, rustic accents and jewel tones are likely to add some elegance, along with the natural and conventional look, making it a highly experimental and bold look for home décor.
Get ready to see more of boho and bohemian accents this year. Random patterns and designs with mismatched colours are likely to pop up on the walls, bedsheets, cushions and even furniture, along with lanterns and ottomans!

Class will meet comfort and (eco-)consciousness in 2017 as people turn towards conventional and flexible furnishing. Green will be the hue of the year, bringing nature and home décor closer, in a bold fashion, thriving on metals and jewel tones, and recycled products. It is going to be a year of a perfect mismatch!

Choose what you love and continue to love your home by developing your taste and personal style. —

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